Interlude XXXIII: Eyes for Sir Guy

We were so busy partying in chat (what, you missed it?) that I forgot to write a post.  SO, to the bag of goodies I go.  Ah, here is one of my favorite screen caps from Robin Hood.  Can you guess why?

Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne, suddenly realizes he’s wearing more make-up than Lucy Griffiths.  Courtesy of




23 thoughts on “Interlude XXXIII: Eyes for Sir Guy

  1. Oh I think I can guess why … it’s that lovely mustard-color neckcloth, right?  *snicker*

    *hiding behind ItsJSforMe*

    *glances at picture again*  Yes, those eyes … oh darn … *thud*

  2. I’m in a puddle.

    Those eyes…and also the curl of hair over the collar. Imagining running my fingers through his hair.


  3. The heavy stubble; the slightly parted pink lips; the hair on the collar; the guy-liner and other makeup; even the neckcloth – all good!!!!  (Well maybe not the neckcloth!) But the eyes???   As someone said in a movie, “I want to swim in them” or drown as the case may be!! 😉

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