Interlude XXXI: Oh, Look. Tats!

I’ve been busy socializing and now editing (not my work), so there’s no thoughtfully salacious post tonight.  But I will leave you with this picture for reasons.  I expect you’ll find “something” to say about it.

Richard Armitage goes all tats as Lucas North. Courtesy of


16 thoughts on “Interlude XXXI: Oh, Look. Tats!

  1. Ah!!  Where to begin???  Let’s say this side view emphasizes his contours rather nicely!  That is one beautiful arm!! 😉

  2. Hello, Lucas!  Did you guys watch that old interview Richard did with Lorraine in England? She asked him if they tattoos were real and he looked at her saucily and said:  “Come and find out!”.  She almost died. He laughed and said: “No, that’s my chat line.”  hahahaha … I could NOT believe that he was so cheeky on National Television.  All this from a “shy” man. Uh-huh! I can only imagine what he’d say if he was not shy! hahahahaha


    • He may be shy but he sure knows how to flirt!  Doesn’t he always perk up when he’s interviewed by a woman!   😀

      Oh, that lovely, luscious Lucas – yummy indeed



  3. What I like most, RA still appears quite normal. Ok, ok!! I know, compared with what is usually offered us out there on the streets, he is NOT NORMAL …. but like Angie stated recently, „he’s muscular without looking like the overdone gym rat type. I’ve never been into the bodybuilder sort of look“, plus, thank heavens, there are no visible veins either!!!

    Teuchter, I second that lock, stock and barrel: Such a beautiful arm!!! It’ll do for the day! 😉 Thanks judiang for throwing this beefy pic at us so we have something to chew away on….You know your girls, don’t you??? LOL

    • My main reason for focusing on the arm was to try to keep my mind off those amazing “contours”!!  Mezz knows what I mean. 😉   Seriously though, he is beautifully built!  I have never found those “body-builder” types the least bit attractive.  In fact I would go so far as to say I find them rather repulsive and very unnatural looking.  When he had to bulk up to be John Porter I think he said he didn’t want to look “buff” but strong, as though he was SAS, not like someone who worked out in the gym for hours on end, and I think he achieved that.   In Spooks 9 he still seemed to have quite a bit of his “Porter” body to my way of thinking and looked amazing.


      • Funny you should mention that about the gym and Richard not wanting to be too buff. I think that actors who are committed to their craft have to do things that for them are great sacrifices because they go against what they like in their ‘real’ life. I am reminded of something Hugh Jackman has said before in interviews about how he has to workout so much to play Wolverine and his diet must be incredibly restricted yet calorie laden, but he prefers to be a normal size – which is his natural shape, much thinner – and that the moment one of those buff guy movies finishes filming, he goes and eats a huge Bacon Cheeseburger right away. People like Richard and Hugh, who are not only handsome and very well liked, but incredibly gifted in several capacities of the arts, are in such demand that they frequently have to either gain or lose weight to play a role. I’m sure you’ve heard Richard comment – when speaking about Spooks – how he had to lose about 30 pounds (I think) to play Lucas; however, because the character had been working out those eight years in prison, Richard needed to look both ripped and like he had been eating very little. I can only imagine how tortuous it must have been for him, who loves to eat so much. Then, he had to gain the weight again to look ‘normal’ as the months went by and Lucas had resumed his ‘normal’ life. What a toll that must take on a person’s body. What discipline they must have! It really blows my mind and makes me want to support their work and promote it amongst my friends who don’t know him as an actor! 🙂


        • Very well said!  They certainly do have to have incredible discipline to do these things.  I find it hard to lose even a pound – no doubt because I DON”T have that discipline!  BTW, I believe Richard said he had to lose about a stone in weight ( 14 lbs) which on his body was a lot as I can’t imagine him having even that much to lose! 🙂  No wonder we could see his ribs when he was stripped down and showing off those tattoos!! 😀  Not that I’m complaining.  He still looked incredible. 😉

          • OK, I pulled my eyes upward … from his *chest*  😉 … and noticed that he’s doing the pursed-lip thing.

            Help me …

            Is it possible to *double thud*?


              • Back here again a bit late. There was so much to read and drool about the last days!! Sigh. What really amazes me is that on yesterday’s pictures RA looked so slim again. Nothing left of his bulked up physiognomy from 2 years ago and it’s hard to imagine, that he apparently seems to be so lean again when he was wearing Thorin’s extremely heavy costumes during most of the last 1 1/2 years. Didn’t he say sometime/somewhere: When he’s having stress (while working) he forgets to eat? Do we have to worry??  😉

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