Interlude XV

I’ve been caught out with no post coming to mind, so time for the RA Bag of Goodies.  Let’s go back in time to post-N&S but just starting S1 of RH.  He always seems so sweet to me in this interview, if not a bit clueless.  “I want their skin to crawl,” indeed.

Richard Armitage in a BBC 1 interview for Robin Hood S1; courtesy


20 thoughts on “Interlude XV

  1. Love that interview. Not usually enamoured of “boyish” men, but there was a rather endearing, rather silly element – kid trying to shock! You had to love it. I slap myself to prevent reading too much into the way the actor presents him/herself. But he does seem rather a good egg. 🙂

  2. This is a favourite of mine, too. Poor Richard, he utterly failed with what he intended for Guy.  Will he still be surprised (or act surprised out of modesty) when women swoon over a hairy dwarf?

    MTA If I remember correctly this was done at the RH press screening/premier so an extra beer may be close to the truth.

  3. @Jane 😀 Beer! Totally failed dramatically with Gisborne! Byronic heroes are a caution. Here be dragons…

  4. Dear liar,he knew exactly what effect he wants to gain:) Probably was instructed and performed their task without difficulty,with the result that my ovaries suffer in anguish to present day.;)

  5. 😀 Joanna. The producers knew exactly. It’s probably called s**ploitation. Somehow, there is a sneaky sense that the actor isn’t totally naive, either.

    • Yes, producers knew and they knew for which audience they did cast Richard (“for the mums”). However, I think at least in the beginning he was acted creepily. For a young girl like Marian (and young girls in the audience) it is creepy to have an unwanted suitor like him, who so obviously oozes sex.

      • IMO young girls persive world in black and white colors(bad or good,nothing in beetwen).Today’s girls in Marian age knows probably more about sex than me;),but I agree with you,it is creepy to have an unwanted,mercenary,much older suitor,whether he oozes sex or not.;)

  6. May I join the chorus, ladies?
    If Forest Boy had truly been the star of the show, then why weren’t his handsome attributes revealed as frequently as Sir Guy’s were?  Ha!  Jonas Armstrong’s boyish smile as Robin Hood could not compete with Richard Armitage’s  manly presence as Sir Guy.  Sighhhhh!
    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  7. I love this interview. 🙂

    And I agree with Gratiana : How can we like the good boy in the serie when the bad one is so yummy-sexy-etc ? LOL

        • Yes,we can legally drive a car,vote and even with “the bad boy” we cope.  But this is a road for experienced players,big amounts of novice chooses “warm noodles”;)

  8. Well, he certainly caught my attention immediately. But yes, he was creepy suiter/stalker; all those gifts for Marian. Bad guys are lovely on screen. In Real Life? Not. Sigh… 🙂

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