Interlude XLIX: Another One of Those Shots

Courtesy of that hotel shoot. Please let me know which one so I can give credit.




So I combed through Pinterest of all places looking for photos and found another one from The Infamous Shoot.  It’s another example of what should have been a stunning picture.  Not that it’s bad, but RA appears either too lit up or wears too much make up.  As it stands, this is one of the better photos from that shoot.

21 thoughts on “Interlude XLIX: Another One of Those Shots

  1. At risk of making myself unpopular — I enjoyed this shoot. I liked the pictures. This wasn’t my favorite picture of 2017 but it definitely cheered me up for several days.

  2. Is that actually a photo or just a screen cap, I am wondering? In any case, the photographer is called Emilio Madrid-Kuser.
    (Reading your post – and your question who the photographer is – I have just realised that I haven’t updated my list of photo shoots with this one. Ahem. Telling.)

  3. I really dislike the photos from this shoot. I think it’s the lighting and makeup… his face looks so so white and very red lips. And strangely puffed up slicked back hair. To me he looks like a much older man than 45 trying to look younger. Weird.

    • The very first thing I thought when I saw this shoot was “now we know how he’ll look in ten years.” LOL! Well it doesn’t make him look 55 but it does make him look exactly his age, which he’s been working against.

  4. Meh, didn’t much like it either, too pale in that light, weird clothes combo, not the best hair. The only upside for me was that he did look his age 😉 Ie i was relieved that his face is still his and what he does is only normal maintenance. I think it’s got beautiful character to it. I suspect however the shoot was early in the morning and he was on stage every night so can’t look his best the next morning. Ultimately for me write off, reassuring he is human like the rest of us, but it didn’t show him at his best and i felt it was unfair to him.

  5. I don’t like the turtleneck top. Men start to wear turtlenecks when they develop loose, flabby, unattractive necks, so the choice screams “I’m self-conscious about my neck.” Which is totally unnecessary in RA’s case. His neck is, as we all know, a glorious work of wonder and one of his most beautiful features. Definitely not to be hidden.

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