Interlude XLI; or Real Life Intruding

I had a “The Man” story percolating on the back burner but Real Life ate my homework. Honest!   Long story short,  my new retiree budget requires me to make a few cuts, including selling my condo.  Right now I’m in a flurry of decluttering that must be completed in a matter of days in time for the listing going live.  All my physical and mental energies are dedicated to making this happen.  So The Man will have to wait for his next foray through the absurd mind of yours truly.

In the meantime, have some suave, clean shaven Armitage.  Do we really need a reason why (other than the NON-BEARDY goodness?)

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft

Richard Armitage picture by Robert Ashcroft


10 thoughts on “Interlude XLI; or Real Life Intruding

  1. The Man is worth waiting for – any length of time. Do what you have to do, Judi. I look forward to reading the next adventures of the man, soon.

  2. Wow, big step. Congratulations on making the decision and best wishes for executing. Hope the right buyer comes along quickly.

    • Thanks. It’s taken a year to wrap my head around which has turned out to be a good thing. The market has been recovering nicely here. Who knows, maybe there will be a bidding war. 😉

      • I was gonna say — if you were going to sit on real estate and wait for it to appreciate this was a good year to do it. Fingers crossed.

  3. I hope all is going well. It’s a big job to downsize. I’ve done it once but I need to do it again. I hope the listing goes well and that there IS a bidding war 🙂

    • I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around this downsizing for a while. It feels like a… demotion?… but realistically that’s not true. Then there’s selling a place I don’t want to sell. Yup, color me conflicted. 🙂

  4. Hope all is going well, Judi! Good luck with your listing! Thanks for the beautiful stubbly pic 🙂 Love his Proctor look, but this has to be one of my very favorites (and the chest hair is a definite plus)!

    • I shouldn’t have been surprised he has chest hair considering he’s a very grown man. I like him stubbly but am still not part of the beardy horde. 😉

      • Me either, I distinguish the “stubble” look from both bearded and clean-shaven…. each is, to me, a very different vibe for him, and I love stubbly the best! That being so, I guess clean-shaven is #2 since it must precede the stubble 🙂 (Not that there is anything really “wrong” with his bearded look either!)

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