Interlude XL – Sexy Smexy

Real Life socializing (read: attending festivals) has me derelict in my writing duties.  I have a nice “The Man” story in the works but it probably won’t get done this week.  So I’ve dusted off my Bag of Goodies and rummaged around.  But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fresh pic from a not so new Esquire video.  Can’t have too much class, I say.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

RA thinks his trousers have finally reached tight enough.

RA thinks his trousers have finally reached “tight enough.”


2 thoughts on “Interlude XL – Sexy Smexy

  1. Have a good weekend, too! Thank you for this…..this will be reviewed many many times this weekend for sure… is so lovely. That little cut between the eyes must be from when he hit himself with his shield during The Hobbit filming.

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