Interlude XII – Thorin Oakenshield!

Of course the big news is the Christmas Hobbit trailer released by Sir Peter and company.  In honor of the day, you just know I had to add a new pic to the RA Bag of Goodies.  He’s looking good as Thorin Oakenshield, don’t you think?

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, courtesy of bccmee


7 thoughts on “Interlude XII – Thorin Oakenshield!

  1. That is a gorgeous picture! On horseback. He always looks like the best rider in a group (Gisborne). Nothing to do with bias. (We hope the Thorin horse has been better-mannered than Ritchie was…).

  2. Yep he’s looking good alright…well I think he is…haven’t stopped crying since I saw the trailer…eyes all puffy…told hubby pickling onions for Christmas…sometimes it’s quite hard work being this much in love but I wouldn’t swap it for the world…in the words of the spy lady in Spooks7 “it’s such a pickle” xxxxxxxxx


    Judaing  I have asked Santa to bring you an extra large bag to keep all your wonderful goodies in for the next 12 months

  3. He looks stunning on horseback. The introduction of his character could not have been better.  They really showed a contrast between the other dwarves and Thorin.  After seeing him on horseback, I  thought it could get no better.  Then he started to sing ….

  4. The singing did me in for sure Bee!!  I was just trying to process Thorin on horseback in all his kingly majesty when the singing began!!  Talk about goosebumps and weak knees!!   I think I was shaking from head to foot and quite overcome with various emotions!!  Quite an assault on the senses!!  Oh yes!!  Richard most definitely IS Thorin Oakenshield and IMHO even surpassed what even we could have imagined!!  We always knew he would be brilliant but WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love it!  And you ladies–Judiang and commentors–have covered the bases on my feelings as well.  And may I add–as I have said earlier and elsewhere today–Thorin being handsome is a bonus, becauseThorin is a Dwarf, not a Troll.  Ha! 
    Holiday Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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