Interlude X – Look Back At Me

Just realized that I rarely ever post a pic from North & South.  To remedy that, I’m giving John Thornton some love today.  After all, it was the role that launched a thousand fangurls.  Enjoy.


Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North & South, courtesy


10 thoughts on “Interlude X – Look Back At Me

  1. You are SO right judiang!!  I’m one of them!!  Strangely it wasn’t at first viewing, but after I had purchased the DVD’s and watched in over again!!  The addiction took hold and still has me in it’s grip!  Of course I have gone on to embrace (not literally, darn it!) other characters he has portrayed but John Thornton, the *TDHBECMO, remains my first love!! 🙂

    *I’m sure I don’t need to translate this!!!!!!!!!!

      • I apologize!!  I only learned these acronyms gradually and had to ask for “translations” myself from time to time!!  The one above stands for Tall Dark Handsome Blue Eyed Cotton Mill Owner!  Very apt in his case I think!!  Is this what you found on Google?

  2. I was a slow burner…didn’t  fall in love until Harry Jasper Kennedy… then had the pleasure of back tracking to North and South even though it was nearly thwarted when son bought me something with Patrick Swayze in instead (god bless you Patrick) xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. “Look back at me” reverberates. It is rather a beautiful phrase. The other screencap, Thornton’s back, looking down at the carriage is my screen saver. It is reminiscent of a painting by Caillebotte, of his brother, looking down a Paris street scene.

  4. Hi Judiang,
    Oh my!  I’ve died and gone to heaven because John Thornton’s angelic face is on my window.  JT was also my introduction to Richard Armitage–in February 2010.  Sighhhhh!  So, I’m a late bloomer as well.  But, I’m trying to catch up.  Ha!
    Holiday Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  5. judiang, your pic was very timely as I have been soaking up North and South this week; several viewings, especially episodes 3 & 4, watching the train scene over and over again, plus I downloaded the soundtrack a while ago and that’s been on repeat in my car and on my iPod.

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