Interlude VIII – A Nice Young Man

Mind is thumbing through spa magazines.  I think she might be on the right track.  So, back to the RA Bag of Goodies.  Here is one I’ve rarely used.  It’s RA doing a Spooks interview, clearly a little tickled by the interviewer.  Looks like such a nice young man, don’t you think?

Richard Armitage in a 2010 interview, courtesy


3 thoughts on “Interlude VIII – A Nice Young Man

  1. Hi Judiang,
    Another  great pix of RA!  I just love it when he smiles.  It’s his crinkles–they’re so endearing.   And the hint of stubble.  Sighhhh!  I sense a dream kissing exfoliation moment coming on.  Ha!
    Have a great day!  Holiday Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  2. No naughty interviewer I want to tickle him…wish my crinkles looked as hot…I’d be on fire….Is anyone else celebrating the fact that it’s exactly 1 year from now until The Hobbit is released…a brilliant reason to uncork another bottle of my ‘Gisborne’ Chardonnay’ xxxxxxx

    Cheers Judaing…hope Santa brings you lots of goodies

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