Interlude VII – Or Here We Go Again

Mind is still sipping margaritas instead of panicking that Christmas shopping hasn’t even started.  Can’t seem to budge her.  Anyway, back to the RA Bag of Goodies we go.  Here is one I’ve used several times and will again because it’s my blog.  Enjoy.

Richard Armitage publicity photo, courtesy


6 thoughts on “Interlude VII – Or Here We Go Again

  1. Such a fantastic picture of him judiang – hair flopping a little, nice bit of stubble, sweet mouth with just a hint of a smile and a nose that to me is just perfect!!  🙂  I find those gorgeous eyes of his almost hypnotic – certainly mesmerizing! 🙂  Mind you, I still don’t see why the photographer  felt the need to photo-shop him to remove those smile lines we love.  They are all part of what makes him unique IMO and not someone of the “cookie cutter” variety.  He is quite beautiful enough as he is and truly doesn’t need “re-touching” as it were.  It seems to me that in the Project  magazine shoot we see a much more natural look like this one!! 😀  Very, very stunning!!  Sorry!  I do seem to be gushing a little, don’t I?  He seems to bring that our in me!!!

  2. Good morning Judiang!

    What a lovely image of Richard Armtiage to wake up to!  And I agree with what Teuchter gushed about.  Ha!  But may I also add that unlike RA’s scowling and frowning stunning Project Magazine photos–where he is in full on virile sex god mode–here and in other earlier portrait shots, he seems calm, restful, relaxed. 

    “This” calm and almost mirthful RA–I see a hint of a smile peeking at the corners of his mouth–seems somehow more approachable.  Perhaps that is why he has adopted such fierce personas in his recent photo shoots–along with him channelling Thorin–to create more of a distance between himself and others since he is a self described shy man. But then, we ladies love our “shy boys”, don’t we?

    And I know you prefer this beardless RA.  But, he does have a lovely bit of stubble going for him–a great exfoliation benefit when kissing.  Ha!

    Holiday Cheers!  Grati  ;->

    P.S.  Oh, and may I add?   *Swoon*  *Thud*

  3. I do like that this photo probably shows his real colouring in the eyebrows – rather auburny? Of course, we all love the “Black Gisborne”, and the “Black Lucas” (referring to colouring, NOT Lucas 9). Why photoshop the unique?

  4. Ladies…I’m amazed! You forgot to mention that beautiful, sexy, supremely touchable white neck and decolletage! I always want to stroke him just where the”v” is formed by his shirt button. Just love him with the beard, love him with the stubble and love him freshly wet-shaved……what am I saying……just love him any way he comes!

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