Interlude VII or Speaking of He Who Shall Not Be Named

So mind is asleep with Winston while I play World of Warcraft.  This game is the next best thing to mindlessness there is.  Too bad it’s also a time sink.  Meanwhile, the RA Bag of Goodies yields a nice photo from a Spooks interview.  In it, RA talked about his last season morphing into You Know Who.  Oi vey!

Richard Armitage in a Spooks Interview, courtesy


14 thoughts on “Interlude VII or Speaking of He Who Shall Not Be Named

  1. John Bateman!!!   Be still my beating heart!!!  Where are your pictures of *him*????  Those are the ones I want to see!!!!   (swoon)

    Yeah, I had some extra !!!!! to use today….JB is worth every one of them!!   😀

    (Dhana ducks behind the couch)

    • Sigh.  I *knew* you say that.  🙂

      Am I wrong to think you’re the only *shudder* He Who Shall Not Be Named fan?  I don’t hear anybody else singing his praises.  And besides, Lucas was better looking.  😉

    • He is OK, but pity he is dressed by Target (I’m sure JB throws his unwashed socks and crumpled t shirts behind that couch Dhana). Lucas is so Hugo Boss.

      • “Lucas is so Hugo Boss.” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had some extra !’s lying around too as my Internet has been down for most of the day and I was going cRAzy!!!!!!!!!  His –  (HWSNBN) clothes did seem to get tighter and more shabby as the series drew to a close – a symptom of his character’s deterioration perhaps?  In spite of everything Richard’s performance was stellar and that is the only reason I have been able to watch it more than once.  In fact Ep 7 aired again on BBC Canada today so HAD to watch!  Why did they have to make him seem extra beautiful in this series?????? Some kind of compensation??

        I wish I knew which aftershave he uses!!   If it was ever revealed the company could make a fortune I believe.  If we weren’t up to wearing it ourselves (I think I would, or at least sit and sniff the bottle!!!!) we could buy it for our SO’s (too bad I don’t have one any more) and all male members of our families.  Of course they may find it a bit disconcerting to be sniffed all the time.  Better quit while I’m ahead and not say anything more stupid than I already have!!  I think I’ll try to be in bed BEFORE 11 for a change!!




        • I’ve never seen anyone look so god damn gorgeous whilst deteriorating at such a rapid rate…hope he dosen’t wear Hugo Boss aftershave though as my dog wears this after having lots of cuddles from hubby (my hubby, not dog’s hubby)….

  2. Lucas-shmoocas!  Everyone talks about Lucas!!!  If it wasn’t for John Bateman, there would not have *been* a good looking version of Lucas North.  Hmmph.  Lucas was a handsomely dressed robot.  JB was a tragically-flawed human being. Poor man.

    (Dhana calmly gathers all of JB’s Target clothes from behind the couch and tosses them into the washing machine.  She’ll take good care of him, since no one else will.)  😀

    • Oh, I fear you are not totally alone, Dhana 😉

      One of his looks up at Harry during the interrogation and JB just melts my heart.

      I just had to rescue him and take him away from the scriptwriters grasp. Now I have him all to myself in a hotel in Hamburg ;o)

      • (Dhana links arms with CDoart and sticks her tongue out at Judiang.  So there!!!   Thppppttt)

        • Lucas. He was my NORTH, my South, my East and West,
          My working week and my Sunday rest,
          My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
          I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong… (Thanks W.H Auden)

          …Wrong because he turned into that down dressing JB.

  3. He does morph well. I watched some of S9 last eve. Still cnnot relate LucasS7 to Lucas S9. I try, really, I try. And just try watching some S8 scenes with Sarah – the script dialogue is sooo lame. It just gets worse with LucasS9. Poor actors.Including she must not be named. How on earth do you say “what’s wrong, honey” with a straight face?  Really bad dialogue. Good episodes. Really bad script transitions.  Well, he does morph. Morph as well (better) than other actors could. Dialogue – cringe.

  4. Ooh Judiang,
    I love this picture of Richard Armitage form his June 2010 (I think) interview)–mostly because of the little bit of chest hair showing and the bright smile on his face!   Spooks 9 is winging it’s way to me even as we speak.  I’ve heard so much about the discontinuity of plot, bad writing, and Richard’s brilliant performance throught it all that I am eager to see it.  I’m just not eager to see “our” hero Lucas North vanish–let alone go over a tall building to his death. 
    Apart from what I think was meanspiritedness on the part of the producers and writers to RA and his wonderful Lucas North characer–their cash cow actor, Richard Armitage, was being offered bigger and better things–I really think its irresponsible for tv shw plots to have such a violent characters death (suicide) when there might be people out their struggling with depression.  I know, it’s just a tv story.  I just believe that our media–tv, film, etc.–has to behave responsibly.  I know of families who are still struggling to pick up the tattered pieces of their lives after they lose a family member this way.  It is completely tragic.  Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.
    Best wishes, Grati

    • World of Warcrack…LoL  We’re playing on the realm (server) called Thunderhorn. For the Alliance!!

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