Interlude VI or The Doctor Is IN

So the doctor said for mind to take two tranquilizers and call her in the morning.  Meanwhile, it’s back to the Bag of Goodies.  Here is a rarely seen screen cap from The Golden Hour.  My doctor has never looked like this and probably never will.  How about yours, hmm?

Richard Armitage as Dr. Track in The Golden Hour, courtesy




10 thoughts on “Interlude VI or The Doctor Is IN

  1. I have never had a doctor who looked like that, but I’ve had one who looked as good. My first obstetrician was a triathlete who had beautiful wavy brown hair that was tipped with gold, and his blue eyes sparkled. I did feel a little self-conscious about using him as my baby doctor, but I got over it. : D

    • Frenzy!  Good to hear from  you.  😀

      So you had a good looking obstetrician? I would have had the wellest child in the world.  😀

      Most of my doctors have been old farts of the creaky elderly persuasion. 😉

  2. Nope, haven’t had a doctor who looked like that. Sigh. Frenz, I adored my obstetrician in Vienna, (one does have to feel confidence at that time), but one who looked like RA would have been too much! The Golden Hour was very entertaining – enjoyed what there was of it on YTube.

    Cheers, judiang!

  3. Hi Judiang,
    Heartthrob doctors might just be a conundrum–and counter productive–if they’re cardiologists, that is.  But, I’ll take a warm and caring doctor any day of the week.  And Dr. Track suits me just fine.  I wonder were I to faint, would he catch me?  Ha!  Hoping you’re feeling better soon.
    Holiday Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  4. My doctor looks like an old farmer’s wife…that’s because she is…she’s a bit heavy handed, use to mending tractors me thinks…scary stuff…Luckily I’m as fit as a butcher’s dog, for now anyway, the stress of waiting for next December is killing me…you keep me going Judaing, thankyou xxx




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