Interlude V or Asi Asi

My mind is recovering from the trauma of Mexico, having gained freedom over the weekend.  It won’t do anything but watch Carmen Miranda movies on loop and mutter “no hablo Espanol.”   This is not good.  So I’m once again dipping into the RA Bag of Goodies all week.   Here is a photo from the Cold Feed photo shoot that gets little play.  I like the sexy white shirt and come hither look, befitting the scoundrel, Lee.  Enjoy.

Richard Armitage from the 2004 Cold Feet photo shoot, courtesy


6 thoughts on “Interlude V or Asi Asi

  1. I like the sexy white shirt and come hither look…”   I like his stance, too, with his thumbs hooked in the back pockets of his jeans.  Yum.

  2. Perfect description ‘scoundrel’  … standing there like butter wouldn’t melt…naughty boy Lee…I’d have given my right arm to be his ‘flirty girty’ though xxx

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