Interlude or Où Est Ma Tête?

Since my brain is still on holiday, I’m falling back on my RA bag of goodies while I go in search of it.  Yes, I know what you people come here for.

Here is one of my lesser seen favorites. I’ve always thought RA looks quite French and therefore made the perfect Monet.  The expressiveness of his face in this scene when he first embraces the concept of painting en plein is really quite charming, don’t you think?

Richard Armitage as Claude Monet, courtesy


11 thoughts on “Interlude or Où Est Ma Tête?

  1. Oh dear Judaing, hope you don’t think we are shallow and I do enjoy visiting your blog each day promise!!! but I can’t thankyou enough for pulling this one out of your bag of goodies…this beautiful film was stuck on my laptop for ages…I told myself I would only stop watching it when it stopped making me cry…It’s absolutely wonderful…It was lovely watching Richard play such a warm, passionate, loving person and for some inexplicable reason his eyes were bluer than ever…I urge everyone to watch it….now Judaing what else have you got in your bag of goodies for me xxx


    • Very true, it was one of the few roles where RA played a happier and less “complicated” person. The color used for the series was wonderful. It made everything pop. 🙂

    • Methinks you need to step away from that Guy vidding for awhile. 😀 My mind called to say it’s returning soon. It does like to keep me waiting. 😉

  2. Oui, Mademoiselle Judi, 

    Je pense que Richard est tres charmant comme Claude.

    Cheers!  Grati  ;->
    P.S.  At least I retain a little–un peu–of  my French classes from university decades ago.   But, I had to double check in Google translate for the “comme” part of the grammar.   Ha!

  3. *sighs at the sight of sweet smiling hunk o’ stuff.*

    I’m sorry, judiang, were you saying something?  Take your time I’ll be happy to wait RIGHT HERE until you get your brain back.

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