Interlude IV or TGIF

My brain sent a telegraph.  It was pretty much illegible except for the words “arrest,” “bail,” and “money.”  I think my weekend will be busy.  Dipping into the bag of goodies again, here is a photo that doesn’t get much play.   Enjoy.

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy


11 thoughts on “Interlude IV or TGIF

  1. I  ♥love♥ your bag of goodies!!   Mmmmm, look at those hands!! <swoon>

    Do we need to take up a collection to go toward bail?  Knowing how your brain works, I’m sure the bail was set quite high!!!  😀

    Okay, I’m running for the hills now!  LoL

    • Can’t take my eyes off those amazing large hands…they go well with his long, long legs…he’s definitely in proportion our Richard…I think he has big feet aswell !!!

      Dhana, if we can’t raise sufficient bail money, shall we offer to look after the ‘goody bag’ for judaing???



  2. Hi Judiang,
    Another gem of a picture–and also a favorite of mine.  A well worn soft leather couch, soft leather jeans hiding a chiseled body beneath, and his stare could melt ice cubes–or at least my heart. 
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->
    P.S.  Have you seen the picture of RA lying down on the couch and looking straight into the camera lens?  Ooh!  Shivers of delightful fantasies ensue. Ha!

      • Actually I see it can be enlarged when you click on the link above which is even better!!  Dreamy!!  Those amazing blue eyes just hold me spellbound!! 😀

      • That’s the one, Teuchter!
        Sighhhhhh!  Thanks for linking it.  I just didn’t have time to look for it.
        A lady could find bliss in loving him–judging by looking into Richard’s kind eyes in this photo.  I’m a very happily married woman, but I just can’t help swooning over Mr. Armitage–his talented storytelling and character portrayals, and his person.  Sighhhhh!  I’ll stop gushing now.  Ha!
        Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  3. A great TGIF picture.  This is rather silly but when I read “Interlude IV” meaning 4 but it made me think of an IV – meaning an “Intravenous”  He certainly is like a shot in the arm to us – or maybe a drug!!  I know I’m “addicted”.  LOL!!  He suits blue so well I think and today’s picture show off his beautiful hands and that trademark leg tuck.  Kinda missing that stubble a bit!  🙁

  4. I love the way way one leg is often tucked up – you see it in interviews, too.  That shade of blue is definitely his colour; it works with the cool complexion. (Well, pink is good, too). Hadn’t registered that photo before. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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