Interlude III or Still More of the Same

Apparently, finding the hiking a bit much (I don’t know what it was thinking), my mind hoped a cruise to Cancun.  The little stinker!  I hope it bypasses all the water sports because, last I checked, I can’t swim. In the meantime, here is one of personal favorites from the Richard Armitage Bag of Goodies. The eyes have it.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne, courtesy of


6 thoughts on “Interlude III or Still More of the Same

  1. A cruise to Cancun sounds like a far better destination!!  Swooning at that picture!!!!   You just want to sit looking into those eyes all night.  The lips look pretty tempting too –  if it’s okay to say that!!  😉   How could Marion resist?????????   I wonder what Lucy felt like when she was acting beside him?   We have heard many times that he is even more gorgeous in RL so I’d be surprised if she didn’t at least have a wee bit of a crush on him!  Who wouldn’t – and some of us, not so wee!!

  2. I thought Lucy Griffiths acting remarkably mature for a twenty year-old. Especially for one who had so little experience. And there was a commentary that she “hosted?chaired” during which she didn’t allow even the most dominating of the ensemble personalities to take over. She is very quick-witted and poised. She seems to have kept working since RH and it appears that she has a role in ine of those U.S. dracula things – Twilight? Well, even Andrew Lawrence is in a zombie thing…No doubt there was a little crush, but a very  good professional rapport is what  emerges.

    judi, that is a gorgeous photo. How utterly unlike Harry Kennedy he looks; the entire facial structure seems different in RH. Hang in there, lady, it will pass and all will be well.

  3. Oh dear butterflies in tum again…those beautiful eyes captured forever in this amazing picture…not to mention the gorgeous, gorgeous, slightly opened saracen bow shaped lips mmmmmm  Thanks Judaing I just want to jump into your bag of goodies xxxxx

  4. Oh my!
    *SWOON!*  *THUD!*  As Jasmina and I co-described RA’s eyes, they are twin blue saphhire pools of desire.  Oh, Sir Guy, over here!
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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