14 thoughts on “Interlude II or More of the Same

  1. Isn’t he almost too beautiful in this picture!!  *Sigh”  I think he really suits the pink shirt and I feel as though I have to keep my hands behind my back when I look at this so I don’t reach out to touch him!!  *Blushes*!!!   Then of course there are those beautiful hands with the hairs on the back!  Did it just get warm in here??  I’d better quit before I say too much!!!!!!!

  2. Dhana would like to make a comment,  but is incapable at the moment.  Upon seeing this picture, her mind has turned to mush.  The Beard does that to her.  Shush, judiang!!!

  3. He looks great in the pink shirt, but I am biased as I love men that can wear pink. Judiang, don’t worry about your mind not being where you want it to be. I watched the LOTR trilogy this weekend and while I was zooming in on this image and studying the hair running up onto his hand from his arm and the beard I had the great idea that he looked like a dwarf. doh! Here’s hoping for mental clarity for us both. 🙂

  4. Does anyone elses stomach feel like they have just been on a the biggest roller coaster ride?  I get butterflies evertime I look at him.  Mind Richard may be feeling a little queasy, I turned him upside down so I could see what time it was on his watch, don’t ask why I think I’m going cRAzy…  You’re right, Teuchter, He is just too handsome to look at sometimes…most definitely getting more and more handsome by the day…I honestly don’t know how we are going to cope if he gets any more gorgeous.  Dhana will be in a permanent state of mush, I think I’ll join her….Thanks Judaing for including us on your journey…Can’t wait for tomorrows beautiful scenery xxx

  5. ROFLOL…you ladies are tooooo much! Ah, but he is beautiful, isn’t he?  And getting better with age…how does he do it? It certainly hasn’t happened with my own aging process!!!!

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