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Welcome new subscribers!  Feel free to make yourselves at home.  As I said when first starting this writing, this blog is mainly about getting my creative literary juices flowing again.  I’ll discuss everything from A to Z peppered with comments about a certain Richard Armitage because he’s what you people really come here for.  I’ll especially return to him to stir the pot because it’s what I *do*.   Pretty pretty pictures may also find their way here.

I notice a few of you are looking through old posts.  May I suggest the Fanstravaganza 2 ones?  They were great fun to write and contain much eye candy. That I managed to write about Guy of Gisborne for eight straight days still amazes me.  Plus we can use more Guy converts.  So, have a look, tell your family, tell your friends!  Seriously, we need more converts.  Just click here and work from the bottom posts up.

EDIT: Due to migrating from to, formating is a little odd on some posts prior to April.  I ‘m manually fixing each one, but they are readable.

Anyway, here’s some motivation to get you started:

A work of art

Richard Armitage shows that dancer's physique; Spooks S9; Courtesy,

23 thoughts on “In Which I Shamelessly Plug My Blog – On My Blog

  1. I certainly came for Richard Armitage but I’m staying for your stir the pot (you really tried with the beard didn’t you?), amusing, engaging reflections on A to Z. And the always interesting responses from your readers. But do please keep the big dollops of Armitage landing on our plates.

    • Glad you stayed! Yes, I tried my best and what’s more there’s another possible beard post coming, as soon as Servetus finishes her series.

      I will endeavor to keep serving up the pretty ma’am. 😉

  2. Just plug. It’s one of the new blogs this year that are so engaging. End up doing too many things manually when doing simple things like changing from telco to cable internet. Read English nicely, thank you – just not tech-speak instructions…

    Loved the beard discussion, and gravitating to “baby-beard RA”. And stubble always good. 😀

    • Hey there Fitzy, thanks for the endorsement! 😀
      Tech switchovers are NOT fun. I love my high tech but want to throw HP out the window when it gets temperamental.

      Say, didn’t you create a blog on a few months back? Hmmm? I’m still looking forward to your first post. You know you’re just itching to do it… 😉

  3. Thanks for the link Judiang, i am not a total Guy convert but i am getting there, so this might help! and yes! keep stirring that pot. I love it when you do that 🙂

    • “Stirring the pot” says the one of the prime instigators! You are an enabler if there ever was one. 😀

      Do research those posts carefully then watch the RH DVD making sure to analyze Guy’s scenes frame by frame. 😉

  4. Love your stirring the pot, too! Because everyone responds to your humour with such great good humour, and it’s all hilarious.

    Me – start a blog? J, I am the biggest tech-moron ever. (And I had 15 years with the telco – as a librarian and competitor analyst. But there was in-house tech support. And I can’t do algebra, either. I have a theory to explain why this part of the “brain” is inoperative.)

    Yay for the baby beard for Mr. A. Have decided the Grizzly Adams thing isn’t quite comme il faut for him. 🙂 Do keep coming back with great new ideas!

    • I think everybody was itching to let their hair down. Some summer silliness is in order. 🙂

      Well, how about being a guest blogger? You just reflect and write and I’ll proofread and post? (I’m getting you out here in blogverse one way or another!).

      Glad you hear you’re firmly in my camp unlike certain other people (PV!). It seems quite a few people say the baby beard is all they can take.

  5. We’ll talk.

    Yes, Grizzly suits some men. Though you can speculate what they’re hiding. So, yes, regarding Mr. A, I’ve come to a more middle ground. (As though he’s listening to ME – NOT!)

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