In which I Hem and Haw

Yes, I’m late with today’s post. The problem is my mind is a vast desert today, and a certain person’s birthday is creeping up tomorrow. This aggravates the situation by requiring me to say something… you know… nice … about him. Eeek! My lazy side said: “he doesn’t care for his birthdays; so let’s honor him by ignoring him! YAY!” But that seemed a bit … well… too easy.

So, I’m leaving it to you Dear Reader. What would you like me to write for the Big Day? This is your chance to direct my temperamental muse who is being quite emo as I type.

Give it your best shot!

BTW, take another look at Fitzg’s post on Monday. Sorry for the tech difficulty.

4 thoughts on “In which I Hem and Haw

  1. LOL – when you said “a certain person’s birthday” I thought you meant Elsa. And then you said “him” so THEN I figured out who you meant. 🙂

    Funny that his birthday is 2 days after Sylv’s.

  2. Can I stir the pot? Take a run with the gesture & woohoo at mention of ARmy 🙂 life after beard or at least between 🙂

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