In Honor of A Mother

Close-up of Lily flowersAs you may have read here,  Servetus’s mother passed away yesterday.  Knowing that many of you would want to reach out in a tangible way, a few of us have gotten together and created a PayPal account to accept donations in honor of Mrs. Servetus.  All moneys received will be donated to RA’s charities at JustGiving, under the moniker “Memoriam for a Mother.”



21 thoughts on “In Honor of A Mother

  1. Thank you for this post – I didn’t know about Mrs Servetus as I haven’t been on Twitter the past few days. I also am not getting all the notifications I used to get from WordPress when people have posted to their blogs! Hope you’re keeping well. xKathryn

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  4. That’s a great idea – well done all of you who have conceived of it and put it into action. I’ll only be able to donate after I return home from my holidays in the middle of September. I hope that’s not too late…

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  6. Thank you for putting this together, Judi and others.
    Donation done.
    Serv and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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  8. Dear Judi – thank you and all others for organising this. It is such a good idea to give us something “tangible”, as you put it. This way grief will be turned into something good, somehow.

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  10. Judi!!! Great idea – just donated!!! Still in Southern CA with my mom – we’ve been running around like a crazed chickens with too many errands and too little time!! Thank you so much for thinking of this idea for Servetus – I look forward to seeing the final tally. 🙂

  11. Judi, I really was stunned by this on so many levels. I can’t even, as the tumblr girls say.

    Thanks to Judi and everyone for wrapping me in such love and support all summer and especially for the last ten days. Even though mom didn’t know about this, she would have been so pleased and honored (and slightly embarrassed that so many people were interested in her, I admit it). Thanks to all the donors, prayers, thinkers, commentators and people in this fandom who show their care for others and the world around them in so many ways.

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  13. I hope I’m not too late in submitting a donation. Only just read this post, as I’m trying to do a bit of catching up with people’s blogs atm.

    Great initiative, Judi. My condoleances to Servetus. 🙁

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