I Should Change My Name to “Phoenix”

DT – Good actor, can’t speak American

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  No sooner have I felt better than another real life issue reared its ugly head and started messing with my head.  No, Winston is still MIA but the situation has been disheartening.  Hopefully things will resolve soon so I can get on with life.  In the meantime, I see life still has moved apace.   Imagine that.


Good friends joined me during the hottest holiday week on record for The Taste which I belatedly learned didn’t start until a week later.  They say they still had a good time and nobody smothered me in my sleep.  I took that as a good sign.

So naturally I dreamed of David Tennant, who was quite the chum, gabbing nonstop with me at my parent’s old house.  We had good clean fun, as befitting the scarred psyche of a good little ex-Catholic girl.  I despair of myself.    Nope, no sign of Whatshisname.

Speaking of whom, I’ve noticed a disproportionate number of Tumblr posts and Tweets suddenly singing the praises of Tom Hiddleston or Michael Fassbender, and even my DT.  I’m utterly appalled at the mass defections.   Has nobody even considered Idris Elba?  Give the man some love; he’s British!

Idris Elba – Good actor, can speak American

Okay, on to Whats– er… Richard Armitage.  There’s been banter back and forth about the demise of The Beard with 11th hour analysis dedicated to it.   Apparently, based on this fresh news (snark reserved), its farewell is imminent.  In fact, it could already be history.  Oh, be still my pounding heart!  It also means we missed our big chance to raise big money for charity.   Alas.

My internet buzzes with preparation for the San Diego ComicCon at which RA will attend.  (DT was the darling of ComicCon two years ago).  So, the big question will be: will he or won’t he have a beard?   Oh, he might also be there to shill some movie or the other, I’m not sure.   In that case, I hope he leans (clean shaven) sexily forward, flashes those teeth (unobstructed), opens his mouth (fully revealed), and — TALKS.  I’m thinking interactively and repeatedly.  LA is lousy with pretty people.  Americans aren’t into wallflowers.  If he wants to impress Americans, he needs to make his personality felt.  *SNAP.*

RA – Good actor, oh dear

Now that I’ve revealed the secret to his Hollywood success in four sentences, I’m eager for festivities to begin.  Over the next few days, I’ll bring to you interesting ComicCon news, repeated elsewhere ad nauseum, except with more snark.


One last thing: on the latest “fan” viciousness, I will only say this: every fandom has one of these types.  Eventually they self-destruct by their own words and actions and become what they fear most, social pariahs.  So, take heart.  Truly, what goes around, comes around.

11 thoughts on “I Should Change My Name to “Phoenix”

  1. Yes, there is a severe lack of Idris on tumblr. Maybe one of these days I can post some stuff. I think Idris is gaining popularity but he is a bit older than most of the tumblr crowd.

  2. Judiang, you are FICKLE!! (Idris Elba is drop dead gorgeous – but is that a goatee I see before me??)

    Snark on, snark often, snark forever! 😀 Please.

    • Goatee?  Erm…er….. he’s usually just stubbly  😉

      But I’m not fickle, I’ve always loved DT best!  😉  (And well, Idris needs some love too.)


    • Well, he needs the goatee cuz of the lack of hair on his head. RA has hair on his head, doesn’t need the beard. 😉

  3. Oh, it’s interesting to me that when you dream of DT it seems to be related to your parents house. I’m glad that Winston is still at bay.

  4. Hi, Judi,  I’m so glad that Winston is still MIA.  I’m a little dozey again today so could you tell me what “can’t speak American” means, please?  At first, I thought you meant “can’t do an American accent” but that doesn’t seem to fit, does it? and is “snark” similar to “sarcasm” or is it something more?

    • Sure.  “Can’t speak American” means he cannot do a generic Midwestern accent that’s convincing to the American ear.  Non-Americans seem to imitate a strange flat Texas/Brooklyn twang that sounds regional and bizarre to our ears.  “Snark” traditionally has a sarcastic edge, but I like to angle towards humorous, and less biting.

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