Hey There!

me inagural ballNo, I didn’t miss a day, Dear Reader.  The site was offline for 24 hours due to a certain slippage of the mind regarding an annual renewal.  As I’ve been reminded, that means a post today.  Wracked my brain all day, I did, but nothing percolated to the surface.  So I’ll resort to my usual fallback – pictures!

No, this one isn’t one of that guy I kept meeting last year whathisname.  When I came across it in a drawer, I did a double-take.  Who is that babe she?  That’s me, circa January 1993, attending an inaugural ball.  I usually hate my photos; they make me look old, fatter and wrinkly unattractive but this one is hoochiemama exceptional.  My cousin, who did the hair and makeup, had a lot to do with the presentation.   The funny thing is I’d gained weight over the holidays and thought I was fat at the time.  What???  If only I had yesterday’s youth and today’s common sense and confidence.  I’d have been positively ferocious gotten anything I wanted.

Clearly I can’t go back 22 years and recapture all that even with a face and body lifts, hair dye and Weight Watchers and I wouldn’t.  I like the older, wiser, more assured me better thanks to years of expensive therapy.  Still, a little poundage tweaking will be good for my health and knees.  So up this goes on my refrigerator to remind me not to open the door.

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  1. Gosh! I wish I could find a 22 year old picture of me that looked this good! Ha! And look at you, rocking the slit on your gown! And you have the same smile now as you had then–warm and friendly. Thanks for sharing! P.S. Loved seeing you for the Chicago BOFA RA Fan Gal trip!

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