Happy Second Tuesday; or Missing My Second Blogiversary

Yes, I’m terribly late to the party as usual, but Happy New Year to all.  Welcome, new subscribers and viewers to this blog.  I’m always amazed by the traffic here even when there’s nothing new to read.  Thanks for coming and do feel free to look through the archive.   Also, thank you Dear Readers for your encouragement and steadfastness.  Your patience will be rewarded with more posts soon.  In fact, it’s on doctor’s orders.  Seriously.  But more on that later.

Since the end of November, ArmitageWorld has gone from famine to feast, a glut actually.  It’s provided a cornucopia of subjects to discuss.  There’s still the review of The Hobbit, and a second (and third) look at Thorin.   Then, there’s the epic Richard Armitage report card.  Truth be told, settling on criteria for assessment has been giving me fits, but it’s beeen sorted.  I’m binding and gagging Inner Fangurl, and aiming for the most fair and impartial perspective view possible.  Well, as impartial as an anti-fangurl can be. (Yes, I’m still searching for how to really describe myself).  I’ve also altered the focus from his performance at the NZ premiere to the entire Hobbit tour.   The emergence of RA on the world stage has been too fascinating not to cover in entirety.  Later on, I’ll discuss who I think he is, or isn’t.

Speaking of fascinating, I’ve also been observing fandom’s reaction to the film and tour.   As this blog’s title states, I enjoy watching people.   Even though I’ve been in fandom’s for 20 years, I’ve never had a chance to observe firsthand, a fandom’s response to a crush’s rapid ascension to potential stardom. It’s been quite interesting.  I might get run out of fandom on a rail, but you’re get my unvarnished opinions on my perception of ArmitageWorld after 2+ years, the changes occuring within it, and where I see it heading. 

This all reminds me: my 2nd blogiversary passed on December 28, 2012.   A lot has happened in these past two years personally.  I’ll explore what it has meant for me, where I am currently, and hope to be in the next year.  You’ll see more short stories with my inner trio, Jada, Jodi, and Quiet One (let’s not forget Patty the pom and Dr.G.); the conflicted muses (Sir Guy vs. Thorin?); excerpts from a possible mystery; The Man; and anything else escaping from my fevered imaginings. 

Does that sound like enough to kick off 2013?  Stay tuned.

Oh, and have pic.

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy RichardArmitageNet.com

Richard Armitage in 2004 photo shoot, courtesy RichardArmitageNet.com

20 thoughts on “Happy Second Tuesday; or Missing My Second Blogiversary

  1. Hi Miss Judiang!
    Happy 2nd Blogiversary! That’s great! I look forward to reading your upcoming essays you mentioned above!
    Cheers! Grati ;->
    P.S. And if you’re looking for a nuanced fangurl label for yourself? How about Quasi-RAFangurl? Or PolyFangurl? So you can work DT in there, too–figuratively speaking of course. Or dear, “figuratively” isn’t much better. Ha!

  2. Ahhhh. This could be interesting! Wait. YOU are writing right? It WILL be interesting! 🙂

  3. Judy, this sounds like I want to read it all in one chunk. Bright prospects for us readers! Phew! Happy new year and Happy 2nd Blogversary. My inner fangrrrl is already chafing in the bit for all the goodies we would have.
    Oh and did I tell you that I’m quite a fan of your fevered imaginings??… and of course The Man!! 😉

    • Thanks Linda. Having too much to talk about is almost as bad as not enough to talk about. As soon as thoughts sort, I’ll churn it all out. 🙂

  4. Many congratulations of your second blogiversary, Judiang. All the things on your list sound very exciting – i look forward to them!

  5. Congrats on the blogiversary! Thanks for clarifying the meaning of Confessions of a Watcher as to people watching, I always had assumed you meant corn with a p. 😉

  6. Congrats on 2 years of blogging! I am very intrigued to read about your thoughts on fandom. But any topic you pick is always a treat. Thanks for making such a cosy gathering place on the web. 🙂

  7. MANY Happy Returns on 2nd!
    Yes, please keep “impartial” where you can! 😀 But have fun!
    I loved The Man, the “porn” things, Dr. G and all else.

  8. Congratulations Judiang! ..and thank you:)
    I’m sending my regards to Jada,Jodi,Quiet One and Patti the pom 🙂

  9. Congrats on your blogiversary! I’ve loved reading your posts since early on in my RA fascination and I can’t really imagine the experience without your unique persective, fangurling, anti-fangurling or whichever way you call it 🙂

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