Happy New Monday!

First things first.  There will be no Fitz’s Journey today for reasons that may lead to a big surprise.  Keep watching in ArmitageWorld for news in the coming weeks, days, hours?

Second, I’m partied out. Over the last few weeks, I lapsed into a life of holiday dissipation and overindulgence.  If it’s possible to overdose on too much food, drink and company, then I need Dr. Track, STAT!  Actually returning to normalcy is welcoming.  My stomach and the scale probably think so too.

Third, because of the change in blogging schedule, it will take a little time to whip up a post for today.  So, grab some coffee, watch the Rose parade and check back.  I should be more coherent by then.

In case you missed this lovely calendar created by Tanni posted on other blogs, take a nice long look at the month of January. My eyes feel soothed already.


8 thoughts on “Happy New Monday!

  1. Gorgeous photo of Richard – pity the calendar starts on Monday rather than Sunday, as it should.  Sorry, as far as I’m concerned, the person who started this stupid idea that he/she could change the start day should be hung, drawn and quartered.  In Revelation (the last chapter of the Bible), we are told that the Antichrist tries to change the days and the times, so I just won’t go along with it.

    I’m happy to know you enjoyed yourself over Christmas and New Year, Judi.  You deserve a nice break.

    • My focus was taken by something completely different covering half the page.  And gorgeous he is.  Thanks again to Tanni for the beautiful artwork.

      Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you!  I guess we all need a break from prolonged indulging in good food and drink.

    I am thinking you might be hinting that fitzg might be coming out with her own blog?  Tee-hee!  I will keep it quiet (shhh!).  I can’t stand the suspense if that ‘s not it!

    I enjoyed your chat room on New Year’s Eve.  I just missed you though. 🙁

    • Happy New Year!   Yeah, I tried to chat during a lull in a party I attended, but chatting on the iPhone is tough. Hope to see you there again soon. 🙂

  3. Judiang, a huge thank-you for giving me a place to write. (It’s optimistic to think in terms of days or hours – weeks, more likely.:(  ) There would have been an offering today, but the holidays have put me way behind schedule, not helped by a massive cold.

    Happy New Year to you and to all of Armitageworld!

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