Happy Black Friday!

For those of you out braving the Black Friday insanity, more power to ya!  Meanwhile, I shall be sanely indoors playing elf for my hosts, helping them decorate four trees and a sweeping staircase.  Yes, it’s my own brand of Christmas madness.

In the meantime, I’ll kick off the holiday celebrations by giving you what you really come here for:

RA MattHolyoak-36

Richard Armitage from Project Magazine, courtesy richardarmitagenet.com

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Happy Black Friday!

  1. What a great way to start, Judiang!   For some reason this picture of Richard makes me gasp!!  I haven’t yet figured out the reason for that  – is it the eyes (always mesmerizing) or the way the scarf is draped (could be) or perhaps the shirt and the way it is partially unbuttoned? After seeing him wear black so often am I actually a bit overcome by the blue?   It may require some further study before I’m able to come up with something!!  😀  Of course I may not be willing to share my findings in case you find out I REALLY am a crazy old lady!  😉

    • I agree with all your points, Teuchter,  PLUS I would like to add that the trousers are quite snug around those thighs. I’m pretty sure I can see the outline of a pocket on his right thigh. Guh, those thighs. To whom does the thanks go to for those thighs?

      • YES YES YES…this is my screensaver at the moment and has been for quite some time…”there’s something about the suit I can’t quite resist…the stark crisp exterior with the promise of softness beneath”  mmmmm where  have I heard that before…I bet my house on it Bccmee knows…I couldn’t agree more about the snug trousers…It must be such a problem for our gorgeous man having to squeeze into them.  Where he keeps his small change is beyond me!!!

    • Now that you mention it, I think the blue does contribute to the loveliness. He looks fabulous. I personally think the pants would look better without the scarf, but nothing’s perfect.

  2. I can imagine ghostly images of RA running down that staircase as in the magazine video too!  Totally awesome picture.  If I had to be out in Black Friday madness, I would use the Project Magazine photos on my phone or iPod to keep me calm and centered.  However, I’m happy to stay away from the madding crowds and remain nestled in our little community.

  3. My folks and I will be supporting small stores today by doing downtown shopping. The best kind of Black Friday Shopping there is.

    Have lots of fun decorating today! Embrace your inner Elf!

  4. Always somethig…..always something…..too long scarf#@$#!!!…too big towel#@#&!!! I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!!

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