Foolish Friday – Guy Day Friday; or About Chest Hair

Hey, how about those fabulous posts this week?  They would have been incredibly awesome had I been able to get them…out of…my head.  Hmm.  Okay, problems with concentration, persistence and pace have interfered with flow.  But, when the moment seizes me, I seize the opportunity to get the thoughts out.

This brings me to the subject of chest hair.  (The segue is perfectly logical; just work with me).  Some tweeters and commentators have asked how I feel on the issue; they know I’m not a fan of Richard Armitage’s beardy look, but what about his chest?  Well, since it’s Guy Day Friday, let’s look at this picture:


Marian interrupts Guy as he fits his armor. (And we know all knights fit their armor while naked, right?  So why the trousers?)

Here is RA as Guy of Gisborne.  His chest is smooth.  This deserves a closer look.

In a scene totally integral to the story, Guy turns his smoothness to Marian.

In a scene totally integral to the story, Guy turns his smoothness to Marian.

Yup, he’s totally smooth.  If you were to imagine placing your hand on his chest (tough I know, but you can do it), it would glide smoothly, as you felt one defined muscle flow (see there?) into the next without any other sensation, like – hair.  Wouldn’t that feel nice?  Hmm? So ideally, I tend to prefer smooth chests for the same reasons I like smooth faces.  I want to feel see appreciate what’s underneath without peering through a forest of fur.

Richard Armitage unwaxed in photo by Robert Ashcroft.

Richard Armitage: Unwaxed in photo by Robert Ashcroft.

However, RA apparently waxes his chest for these scenes.  From what we can glean from recent photos, the hair is light and sparse, so much so that it makes more sense aesthetically to wax his chest for nude scenes than go au naturel.  It’s a wise choice which I totally endorse.  Hairy men just don’t float my boat.  It’s a personal preference and probably a cultural thing.  But happily, RA isn’t too hairy.  If he were to decide to appear in the future unwaxed, I wouldn’t look away.

I’m not totally crazy.

Have a happy Guy Day.



23 thoughts on “Foolish Friday – Guy Day Friday; or About Chest Hair

  1. Actually knights tried on armor over gambesons, various smalls (depending on the year and region), and hose or wrappings for the legs (again depending on year and region). Then RH is so full of anachronisms, enough to make you howl with laughter and “WTF!” every few minutes, it’s no surprise to see Guy in what are likely cotton/lycra braies. At least they did give us this scene with his top half bare. *drooling slightly, sigh*

    That said, I prefer the fur au naturel, as long as the man doesn’t have a pelt everywhere like a wookie. Waxing may make a smooth chest and arms look cool (all the easier to apply body makeup) and feel nice, but I like natural better.

    • Ah, thanks for the info Leigh. I was sure what Guy should have been wearing – hopefully nothing. Just sayin’.

      Realistically, I know the majority of very grown men have chest hair. RA seems to have just the right amount.

  2. Hmmm, this is one of my favorite “Robin Hood” scene. I wonder why, lol.

    Happy Guy Friday and have a nice week-end. :-9

  3. Short comment: I LIKE CHEST HAIR! (Not if it were on me, though 😀 ) Stop waxing, Mr. A!

    • Oh Fitzy, I wondered when you would chime in. 🙂

      Please define the level of chest hair desired (for the scientific poll of course).

      • It stops a bit short of a bear. Or Grizzly Adams. (Did Adams ever appear bare/bear – chested?

  4. Mmmmmmm ….
    Oh! Sorry. Got lost in all that Guy Goodness. 😉

    Waxed v. Au Naturel? Why choose? Both are nice. Very nice. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. *naughty wink*

    • *Gasps at the naughty wink*

      What? Wasn’t I being thoroughly scientific and objective? Well, maybe objectifying. 😉

  5. Okay, minority alert here. For some weird – yes I know VERY weird – reason, I never really liked that Guy scene. Not the scene as such, but the guy/Guy part of it or more precisely the shaved/waxed/de-haired chest part. I understand the reason for it, but I feel it makes him look weirdly …hmmm I don’t know the words apparently …. young? OTOH I am firmly in the chest hair department with all you other – and I KNOW you are out there – fur lovers. That sparse sprinkling is just the right amount, not too much, not too little. Just enough to … cough (where’s my cough syrup)… play with. There I admitted it. *looks around carefully* Do I have to hide?

    • *Collars Bruni* Hold on there, no hiding! All opinions are welcome. Besides, Fitzy has already chimed in. 🙂

      Is there anybody out there angling towards hairier?

      • Nooooooooo!!
        That sparse sprinkling would be def enough for me! Even though….mmmmmh… The Man is most likely to find a ready welcome in any way, on my part….. (to say the least!) Yep!!! 😀

      • *tries to weasel out* *holds her ground* No more, no, no, no definitely no. With a sprinkling of sage, that’s how you cook a dwarf. Ahem….wrong scene? Must be all that *coughing*.

  6. Hi Judiang,
    Happy Guy Day to you! Decisions, decisions. I like his chest hair, I like him smooth, I like his chest hair, I like him smooth–repeat 100 times. It boils down to “I like him” with or without chest hair.

    And the fact that his chest hair is a sparse dusting is a plus. There seems to be enough to stroke, bt not enough to twirl around one’s finger. Perfect! Ha

    Have a great weekend! Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. My three day weekend starts now! Back to some more RH 3–with Epi 3.

  7. For some reason I thought I liked the smooth chest like this, and it appears here that Marion did also, (oh yeah! She was definitely “stirred”!)
    But there is something very…what can I say without totally embarrassing myself…”stirring” about the little glimpses of chest hair we’ve been seeing lately, e.g. in many of the Robert Ascroft pics like the one above. *drool* So it seems I like both! 😉

    • Mind you, Marion had never seen a bare-chested man before. (an assumption :D) So all she saw were the muscles!

      • That’s a perfect “assumption”. 😀 These days we are so used to seeing such a view that we forget what is must have been like in those days for someone like her – an unwed maiden. Maybe the reaction was all Lucy’s! I sure wouldn’t blame her! Who wouldn’t want to touch!! 😉 When she stitched Robin’s arrow wound up she sure didn’t appear to have the same reaction!! I wonder why?? 🙂

  8. A hard one here but I have to say, well. OK I think just a little hair, not so hairy you might get scared. I just saw this scene last Saturday while watching RH. I can feel some more RH this Saturday night. Judi I just heard on the radio that beards are the new hot thing again. I was at work and didn’t hear the whole story but they found it on-line some where. The horror of it all.

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  10. I used to prefer smooth chests. Recently I’ve discovered that the hair (even an ample amount) isn’t that bad. I find myself able to “pet” my man! LOL. He hates it, he knows I’m “petting” the fur. Would I want to pet RA’s fur? Oh yeah! 😉

  11. I love chest hair. Something manly and grown up about it. I also like no hair. Actually, I think i just like men’s chests.

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