Geek Angst

All of RA’s characters and the man himself could be parading behind me wearing nothing but smiles and bows and I would say, “Meh. Can you fix my computer?”

You see, HP, my main squeeze desktop is very sick. I’ve had others in the past 20 years, but HP has been steady for awhile (accept for that video thing last year but it can sees well now). HP gives really good internet. Oh yeah, I gotta have it.Super Bowl Sunday, HP suddenly flashed the Blue Screen of Death and crashed. Many times. An essential system file has been corrupted probably by a virus and the computer can’t boot or remain stable long enough for me to repair the file or run a scan. I have enough knowledge to diagnosis the problem but not enough to personally traverse the minefield of digital brain surgery. I certainly don’t want to risk turning it into a vegetable (read: borking the system and losing all my precious data. This is the age of storage described in terms of terabytes; that’s a lot of information to reconstruct.) Because I’m distraught, I’ll continue to beat this metaphor and say HP now sits comatose until I can get it to a specialist. Right now I’m using Toshi the laptop which has gotten so little love lately that it balked at allowing internet access but I made it see the error of its ways. At least I’m reunited with my beloved internet.

Needless to say, with the post-blizzard mess plus two more snowfalls in less than a week, an emotionally delicate pooch, and now poor sick HP, my nerves are a bit frazzled. I wish these guys would put their clothes back on and go. Not a computer savvy one in the bunch.

7 thoughts on “Geek Angst

  1. And this is where I come in and say, “Did you have a boot disk?” Did you start it in safe mode? Okay, never mind. We’ll talk later after the trauma has passed.

    • Can’t do any of the ole standbys, not even access the command prompt. The drives need to be master/slaved to another computer that can scan and then fix the sys file. I don’t have the resources or patience to do it.

  2. Judiang, are the technical and pooch challenges nearer to good resolution? I for one, wish you and blog back.Is Pam OK?Sympathies with the computer stalls. Despite having worked for 30 years (since DOS) on PCs, I have a (un)enviable record of cleverly crashing apps, with no clue how to apply resuscitation. The sturdy desktop died last autumn, and I’m trying to adapt to a laptop. Where is Malcolm when you need him?Hoping for pooch and computer health, and for your return to the blog-sphere.

    • Thanks fitzg! I am gratified that you find my ramblings interesting. It encourages me to mull over what to post next when things are sorted. After conferring with technie friends, we decided HP needed an expert with the right tools. I resisted a bit thinking to do it myself, but research showed that wasn’t possible. Then I had some health issues (things seem to come in threes, right?) So, today I’m finally yanking the HDs and taking them to Best Buy. Repair should take a few more days. I thought to blog on Toshi but discovered I type faster than it can process which is bizarre and it hates the letter “s.” A clue? No. It also hated Flash and RAnet but I absolutely would not tolerate that.I’m happy to announce that little Patty is almost 100%. She’s now skittish when she sees snow falling outside the window, but that can be *treat*-ed away. She’s taking full advantage of the extra attention; I need to scale back before she turns into a spoiled monster.PS. I actually want to talk about RA and the Hobbit press conference. Maybe if I type reeeeeal slow, it might resemble English.

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