Foolish Friday

Welcome back to Foolish Friday for our weekly old fashioned objectification. Since Guy has been getting a lot of attention lately, I’ve dug into the RA Bag of Goodies for one of my favorite screen caps from Robin Hood.  Let us admire the plains and curves.  This physique was many years in the making.  Even though RA no longer dances, he still possesses a dancer’s body.  And we see Marian getting an eyeful, like the rest of us.

Appreciating physiques since 1193. Courtesy


8 thoughts on “Foolish Friday

  1. Mine too, April!!  He is magnificent there.  I’ve always loved how his shoulders look, even back when you see him in the “just came out of the shower with the big white towel wrapped around his hips” scene in Ultimate Force.   My turn to swoooon!!!!  😀

  2. I have all the dvd of Richard, but I haven’t see all of them, so I haven’t see yet “Ultimate force”.

    Shame on me !!! LOL

    But I have seen some screencaps of the towel scene… swoon…


  3. It does, indeed, remain a dancer’s body. Shoulders are so important. Shoulders are so reassuring.

  4. Good Morning Judiang,

    This is a lovely Sir Guy image to wake up to.  And I agree with the other gals.  RA retains his toned physique and graceful dancer’s body here in this cap and currently.  I especially like how he moves his body and arms, and then his head and eyes follow–never betraying that there is a camera following him as an actor, but that he is the character he is portraying in that moment. 

    And of course, his eyes gaze so soulfully and expressively that we become lost within his “twin sapphire pools of desire” (as Jasmina and I co-coined them).  Sighhhh!

    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  5. Nice and cosy chamber but overcrowded .;)

    ….too much armour..too much armour…..(she said,mumblin to herself)

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