Foolish Friday: Those Lips

Sorry I’m late, class but have no fear, a beastly headache can’t keep a good objectification down. Today’s subject: lips.  As you may well imagine, selecting photos was a daunting task.  Since I actually couldn’t choose, I went with some of the lesser used ones to spread the love more fairly.  Let’s get started.

Here we have an early publicity photo of Richard Armitage as Lee from Cold Feet.  As you can see RA has thin lips, with the top more so than the bottom.  Yet there is still shape to the top one.  Are you looking carefully class?  Class?  Well, let’s move on to a better pic.

lips CFpromo10

RA relaxes for a good tight head shot. Courtesy


Here is RA in a publicity show as himself.  Here we can see a definite bow shape to the top lip.

Lips richard08

RA demonstrates the "come hither" look. Courtesy


Here is RA in his main publicity photo with a faint quirk of a smile.  We see the curve of the upper lip, which highlights the bottom lip and makes it seem fuller than it actually is.  Except for the amateur photoshopping, this is a fantastic shot.

RA demonstrates the "Seriously, Come Hither" look. Courtesy


Let’s observe the lips “en smile.”  Here we have a candid/publicity shot with DJ Scott Mills.  The lips do stretch and thin out to reveal an awesome dental job.  Marvelous work.

Lips RA-ScottMills-4May2010

RA considers using Scott Mills as a shield against the fangurls outside. Courtesy


This final pic has so many things going for it, but let’s check out those lips.  The relaxed position of the mouth really accentuates the bow of the top lip and makes the bottom slightly pouty.  This proves that thin lips does not necessarily mean not shapely.

Guy suspects Marion is wearing no bra. Courtesy


That’s it for this Friday.  I’m heading back to bed.  Enjoy the pics and have a great TGIF.


32 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: Those Lips

  1. You’re expecting me to look at his lips when he’s staring at me with those eyes!!!???

    Darn, this class is difficult! 🙂

    I hope your headache gets better soon – take care!


  2. I think we become the most avid and attentive of pupils when it comes to Richard Armitage classes!! 😉  We will happily study those lips for hours on end (no doubt drooling a little) and if we have the added bliss of eyes and a beautiful hand on a shoulder, I for one will not complain!!   Judging from the “train scene” in N&S, having thinner lips does not mean that his kisses are less sweet!  😀  *Picks self off floor at the thought!  Sigh*

      • I have studied this picture many times as I am very interested in geometry…the triangular shape of John Thornton’s sideburn, the corner of his shirt, the formation of his thumb and forefinger cupping the side of Miss Hale’s face are all mathematically correct.  The man’s a genious…oh I’ve got a headache now

      • I have to say that I know this screen cap very well–RANet N&S Epi4, pix 340–because I made my signature using it.  Ha!  The just beginning to touch lips, mouths opening, seeking, wanting to fulfill their desires of love.  And then what Jules said.
        RA could give master classes in kissing.  I would be happy to be his demonstration partner.  Ha!
        Cheers!  Grati  ;->
        P.S.  And I love how the tendons on his right hand are so well defined–tensed up in the heat of the moment, as a counterpoint to the gentle way John holds Margaret’s face in his strong hands.  Sighhhh!

        • hey Grati I think we should get to hand out the pencils next week…I too noticed the tendons…the man puts every part of his body and soul into his characters…he’s truly amazing isn’t he???? luv Jules

  3. This tutorial has been very beneficial as I have always wondered what makes Richards lips so lucious…I totally agree that the bow shape upper lip accentuates the poutiness (is that a real word) of the bottom lip…cumulating in a mighty fine pair of lips…I shall just revisit the first picture of this tutorial as I do believe this is one of the best pics showing them at their very best!

  4. What a great post, Judiang! I watch his lips (not only for the obvious reasons), as they are so expressive and mostly reveal the interpretation of a scene or a role very eloquently, without saying a word ;o)

    My grandfather taught me in a very general way to read the character of a person from the form of the lips. I can only say, they explain him well ;o)

        • watch it fitzg…we must behave in class…I’ve being told off for looking at something lower down than the hairy arms…we need to go back to the lips…ahhh yes there we are again…whoops I’m drifting down again…can’t wait until we get to his feet???

  5. Oh Judiang,
    I love RA’s lips!  I was wondering when you would get around to them.  All I can think of is wanting to gently tease his lips open with my own.  And then?   Sighhhh!  Ha!
    And the big blue eyed Guy pix at the end of your essay–and the JT/MH kiss fest–always dissolve me into a puddle of quivering curvy womanhood breathlessly remembering and awaiting my lover’s kiss. 
    I tell you ladies, Richard Armitage should be getting royalties from husbands around the world for being such an inspiration to us.  Ha!
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  6. Yeah foolish friday again! Thanks Judiang, for this refreshing lips lecture! I love his come-hither look combined with slightly pouted lips!! Me melting. But I must confess, that upon the very first sight of RA I was a bit disappointed by his thin lips. Looking at him closer, in fact studying his features more profoundly and intensely (OK,OK!! this N&S kissing scene still knocks me flat! Judiang, thanks for the extra credit!) disabused me deeply and made me all lust after a certain tall, incredibly handsome, hot…. Drool..

    Gratiana, all I can think of is wanting to gently tease his lips open with my own.  And then? Uhh yeah…. You are so right. Masterclass of kissing with RA. Would probably be a bit overcrowded?? 🙂

    Are we thinking of RA when we kiss other men ????? Pssst.  I do (sometimes) Uhhhh.

  7. Wow, judiang, I’m impressed with your grit and determination in overcoming your affliction to continue teaching.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  😉

    • I thought of you all, knowing you would be profoundly disappointed if I didn’t pull up my big girl panties and sally forth.  SO glad I did.  😉

      • Oh that’s the best news I’ve heard since joining your class…Sally Forth was at my old school …I’d watch her though she can be a little bit naughty.. I’ll keep my eye on her at playtime!!!

  8. As a good student my intent is to answer objectively. I’m no fan of thin lips (speaking from experience too) .. his don’t appeal though the train scene is redeeming. The top promo shot always feels like a manip to me. It’s what his eyes convey for me & his overall facial bone structure that complete’s the package.

  9. I love the bow of his lips, especially in some photos where his lips are partially open. *GAH!*  Sorry, I’m feeling a little faint now..

    I posted this article in the Institute of Armitage Studies on Facebook. Have I offered you a professorship yet? You have only to name your title!

    • Please explain “the Institute of Armitage Studies on Facebook”??? How would I go about finding it, please?

      • If you are on Facebook you can join here:

        a href= rel=nofollow


        a href= rel=nofollow/a

  10. How did I miss this post????

    Doesn’t Richard have very kissable-looking lips? Absolutely mind-boggling!

    And the combination of his eyes and mouth in the last picture of Guy……words fail me! And that’s saying something, believe me!

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