Foolish Friday: These Eyes

It occurred to me I’d gone a whole week without objectifying Richard Armitage.  Isn’t that shocking?  Well, I know what you people come here for.  Let’s pause for a breath of fresh air, shall we?

Here are some pics that grabbed me.  This week it’s the eyes . Let’s start with with some youthful magnetism:

Richard Armitage B&W publicity shot

Richard Armitage learns to tilt his nose just right

I rarely give Lucas any love.  I’ll fix that:

Spooks 9-MainGallery-Epi 800664

Lucas learns his alter ego gets the Hobbit role while he gets to take a swan dive.

And another:

Lucas confesses

Lucas learns his American lover's death was only a dream

I can’t finish up without some Guy love:


Guy learns Marion has sold the engagement ring for a chicken and loo bark

And my all time favorite Guy eye pic:


Guy learns Marion has S&M manuscripts under her bed

Enjoy your weekend everybody.


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16 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: These Eyes

  1. Hi Judiang,

    Your favorite Guy picture is also mine! I love Richard’s eyes. He is so subtley expressive. And as you said on your perving post reply to me, his eyes are “the window to his soul”. And, I think Richard’s is a very lovely soul indeed. I always say that Richard Armitage seems to be a true gentleman–with the heart of a gentle man. Sighhhhhh!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • His eyes get to me every time. I think that’s what really draws me. If he’s not a lovely person, I’ll eat my hat (after I buy one of course). 🙂

    • I agree with you, Fitzg.

      And let’s face it, whether it’s “Guyliner” or “blue eyes lid shadow”, Richard as Guy only looks more manly and more alluring. Sighhhhhh!

      And Dang, Richard’s face and lips are almost life size in this last picture. Oops! You know what that means, Ladies. (pause for Grati’s fangurling) Okay, I did it. Now it’s your turn. Just be sure to wipe off your lipstick first; It’s hard to remove Maybeline berry red from your liquid crystal display. Ha!

      Cheers! Grati ;->

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