Foolish Friday: The Perfect Six Pack

It’s Foolish Friday again and I’m back with the best objectification the internet has to offer.  Today we study what a casting director remarked upon: the perfect six pack.  It seemed a nice extension of last week’s pec lecture.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Here is an example.  Lee does sport some fine abs but they aren’t as lean as in later years.

Lee wonders if he was supposed to wear a jock strap. Courtesy

Let’s give those abs a little more… exposure.

RA demonstrates he can indeed hold up a wall. Barefoot too. Courtesy

Guy illustrates beefier but still leans abs.  Notice how concave they are in this picture.  Yes class, you’ve seen it before, it’s one of my favorites.  It shows off a dancer’s physique.

Guy strikes "The Pose." Courtesy

Can we really get tired of this photo?  Seriously?  Here you clearly see the muscle definition.  Yup, I count six.

Guy gets up close and personal with his six pack in case Marion's vision is poor. Courtesy

Last week a student asked: but what of John Porter?  Alas, I was remiss again.  He looks nice too.  Here is a close up of the abs.  Here you can see a bit of the six pack from this angle.  Perhaps we’re too close.

John Porter thinks this new yoga equipment is a bit extreme. Courtesy


Here is a better angle.  John Porter is beefier and the delineation in muscle is not quite as defined.  I would still say Guy rates a 10 because of this.

Porter thought the Good Sister meant something else when she asked him to trim the bush.

Well, this should get your Friday off to a good start.  Have a great weekend.


24 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: The Perfect Six Pack

  1. Lovely subject and composition, Judiang!

    Afterall, I’m an arms/shoulders, chesticles, and abdominals trifecta RA girl.  Hmmmm. Yummy!

    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  2. Maybe you should call it  “Fantastic Friday” or maybe “Fabulous Friday”  looking at a these beautiful abs  🙂  *Swoon* *Thud*  etc,etc!!!!!!!!!!!  And may I say I love your caps!  So much more fun this way!  Lol!! 😀

    These pictures of Guy always intrigue me.  How DO those leather pants stay put when they are lower than his hips?  I have my own ideas but will keep them to myself!  😉  *Blush*   Oh my!  He is one gorgeous specimen of manhood is he not?



    • Smelling salts, dear?  😉

      Yes, he is that.  In my most objectifying opinion, he is one of the most well proportioned men I’ve ever seen.

    • Not wishing to spoil anyone’s fantasies 😉 but there is photographic evidence that the leather pants did stay in place because he wore braces/suspenders. Not in that shot obviously but when he was fully dressed.

  3. What are you trying to do to me, Judi? I was endeavouring to forget that I have some DVDs where Richard exposes his chesticles!

    What I’m seeing again is the light colour of the hair on his arms and under his arms, and the scarcity of chest hair. Yes, if you look very carefully at the 1st pic of JP, you can just see it. There has been talk of his waxing his chest but I really think he doesn’t have much hair there anyway, so it wouldn’t be such a horrendous job to get rid of it. I like it smooth!

    I just saw an interview on YouTube with Max Brown (from “Spooks”) – he’s wearing a v-necked t-shirt and he has no chest hair, or so very little, it’s unnoticeable.

    One of my brothers has a very hairy chest – the other 2 don’t.

    I’m sitting here, trying my darndest NOT to scroll back up to look at that gorgeous man but I’m not going to be able to leave this site until I have another look!

    • I agree.  He has very little chest hair, so the best thing to do is to shave it.  I LOVE it smooth.

      Go ahead, you know you want to look again.  😀

    • He does have a little bit of chest hair. Previously he he removed it for shirtless scenes but a bit of hair can sometimes be seen in his collar when not filming. But given the SB pics, the bit on the breast bone seems to be almost all he possess.

  4. I would like to thankyou very much for the wonderful tutorial…I may take a university degree in chesticles you have inspired me so much…but on a more worrying note… there does seem to be quite a lot of budgies used in one particular shot…I’m going back to have another look just to make sure they are alright……………yep they look mighty fine to me xxxxx

  5. Stop it girls!!!!!!!!!  I’m aching from laughing so much and then it sets me off coughing!  LOL!!!

  6. You’ve done chesticles and abs.  Are these tutorials going to keep going south?  If so, I’ll be extremely interested in the next series of pix

    And thanks for including JP!!  He’s SO hot!

  7. I wonder how we would react if we were sitting where Jacey was??  He really has a beautiful physique!  😉

      • I think you might be right!! 😉  But are you saying you would be able just to sit there and just look and not join in the swooning?  You are one self-disciplined woman!!!  😀

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