Foolish Friday: The Beard Memorial Edition

ARMITAGEWORLD (AP)  There has been a continued outpouring of grief, ecstasy, apathy, and chicanery over the recent death of The Beard, age 1 1/2.  Admidst the rumors and speculation surrounding The Beard’s passing, fans have been commenting on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, about their fond memories of it, or not.

Nobody knows the exact birth date of The Beard, but it made its first public appearance at the New Zealand The Hobbit press conference in March 2011 with close friend, British actor Richard Armitage.  Apparently, their association at the time was tentative, as Mr. Armitage stroked his new friend and said, “yeah, this is an experiment.”

The Beard lived out its life in relative seclusion, only emerging for public events, small cameos in The Hobbit vlogs, and two photo shoots.  But as one fan commented, “That Beard had a good life, attached to Richard’s face. It travelled the world, met many interesting people. It’s even rumoured to have been fondled and stroked by Richard once or twice. They’ve even showered together! We could all hope to have such a life!”

There are no services announced for The Beard at this time.  Inside sources said that fans who which to commemorate The Beard’s life, can donate to the JustGiving charities in lieu of money or flowers.  The Beard is survived by sisters Lashelle and Lashette; brothers, Brauw, Brow, and ‘Do; cousins, the Elsewheres; and close friend, Richard Armitage.

[Both videos are the same.]




21 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: The Beard Memorial Edition

  1. Absolutely hysterical!!!  I picked a daisy from my flower garder today, in memory of…

  2. What a beautiful tribute! Thank you, Judi. The Beard will live on in our hearts. Dug out my black arm band and Queen Victoria veiling and mourning brooch. Brooch containing someone’s beard hair…Had to borrow Geraldine’s beard for FULL mourning, though.

    • I am sitting in a corner of the room with my curtains shut, eating chocolate ice cream while wearing my black dress, and  can’t stop crying. It is such a tragedy. LOL. Actually that’s not happening because I am in my favorite colors and dancing to the song, “Celebration;” even though it’s not my favorite song.

  3. Bye for now, Mr. Beard, and safe journey down the River Schick.  I’m a firm believer in hairincarnation.  I know we’ll see you again.  Maybe not exactly the same, but we’ll know it’s you … *stroke*

  4. Priceless! 🙂  I have to be honest though and admit I got a little teary eyed watching the video which is quite silly of me really as although I did sincerely love the beard, I will be very happy to see more of that beautiful face again!!

  5. What a wonderful video – thanks Judiang :-*

    “….without that Armitage guy hogging the frames…” HILARIOUS!!!!

    I think I never before listen to that song and laughed till I cried *lol*

  6. Thanks for the beautiful video in remembrance of The Loveliest Beard there ever was.

    I seek comfort in these Bruce Springsteen lyrics:

    And maybe everything dies, baby, thats a fact /But maybe everything that dies someday comes back

    RIP The Beard

  7. So good!! You made me laugh soooo loud!! Even discovered new sides of this otherwise a bit hackneyed song and (Gosh,!) you moreover made me (nearly) shed a tear about this loss….  🙁

    BTW thanks for as well putting the video on Vimeo, as for us Germans hardly any video (with music) is left for viewing on You Tube. Ugghh!

  8. Giggles Judiang!
    This video was funny, moving, and delightful all at the same time!

    For me, though I will mourn the beard loss from afar, the thought of seeing Richard Armitage’s magnificent lips, chin, and jawline uncamouflaged has me in a state of anticipation the like of which I can only compare to …[censored] … well, never mind. Ha!  I know, I’m a shameless hussy–actually, I pick Olivia Hussey.  She has some great girls there–like me.  Ha!

    Anyway, I comfort myself with the hope that there might be a little stubble on RA’s chin and jaw from time to time.   If only to let me dream about the exfoliation benefits–as part of my skin care regimen–in kissing “a” man so endowed.  *wink*

    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  9. I tried to watch it, but I couldn’t bear to see so much beard in so little time. 😛

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