Foolish Friday: Soft Focus

Richard Armitage getting the gauzy treatment.

Hello class.  Hope your week has treated you well.  Me, I was alternately placid and annoyed but that a topic for another.   Today is all about the objectification.  Let’s hit it.

Here is Richard Armitage news program picture from a 2014 interview circuit.   This is a low resolution photo causing artifacts and blurring but the effect reminds me of a soft focus camera setting. The gauzy light makes him appear to have discovered the fountain of youth.  Notice the return of soft radiant youthfulness, the smooth skin and perfect hair curling at the perfect longer length.  (Personally, this is the perfect style for him at this age.  It softens his angular features, balances the high forehead, and covers the elven ears.)    Even the early stubble looks touchable.  While I’m not a fan of dark shirts other than black, the brown does complement his hair.  Overall, it’s a pretty damn good bad picture.  Ah, the misty water colored memories of the way he was.  Sigh.

What do you think?  Do you prefer the old RA or the newer RA?

20 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: Soft Focus

  1. I loved this picture. However, I think this was the problem interview, wasn’t it? And I can’t say I like one or the other better, unfortunately for your comments section 🙁

    • I’m not sure about the interview. Please refresh my memory. And you are definitely free to state your opinion. I like differing perspectives. Plus your outlooks about aging RA is more realistic than mine. (You realize I’m stuck in a wistful period of looking back at him, right? *Cough* 😉

      • Isn’t that the happy mad sad / necktie interview?

        No, I can’t say. I like them both. I really liked how he looked in 2013. But I loved how he looked this fall when he was wearing all the blue clothes, too. I liked how he looked in 2003. I can’t say which I like better.

        • You like him as he comes. 🙂

          I’m reaching the twilight years of fandom. Feel like I’m in a rocker shaking my fist and saying, “back in the day, he had longish dark hair and wore black leather, and WE LIKED IT!”

          • The only thing I really don’t especially like is the extreme slender look, but it’s not so much that I think he looks bad in that way as that I don’t often feel maternal, I don’t like to feel maternal, and that particular low weight challenges me on that point. I don’t like feeling like I should chase the SUV my crush is leaving the stage door in while aggressively waving a pastrami sandwich.

            • LOL! Strangely I used to like him lean. But at his age now, being too skinny isn’t good. He needs a padding of fat to keep from looking scrawny.

  2. I’m with you. This look is the best one for him, IMO, because I absolutely love his hair like that. The nape curls are ‘verra’ nice!
    Thanks for this! ;D

  3. Hmm. Can’t decide… can’t decide. I loved the Thornton and Guy days. But then I grew to love the bulkier Crucible days. And I like the Daniel Miller look — especially bearded. But I am not too keen on overly skinny.

  4. From my point of view he ages very well. I prefer the bearded look like in the pictures of O8 or now . But I also loved his look in “George Gently” ten years ago.

  5. Objectification!/sexism! (Isn’t it fun? 🙂 ) As for me, I’ve appreciated the gentleman from his early 30’s. Before that, he was just geeky, a bit of a weed before the features grew into the face. I admit I preferred the original nose. Many actors have actually aged well, neither staled nor withered. I feel Mr. Armitage is one of these. Never a conventional beauty, his hawkish features stand well in middle age. Where they were softened by the previous chipmunkish cheeks, they have dropped to the slacker jaw. Above all, he looks a striking, natural and individual man of his age – a far interesting face than those of the male models who have dominated the screens from time to time.

  6. The longer hair on RA always gets my vote! He looks more virile and young with it. Something to run ones fingers through. Sighhhh! *cough* Of course, I’m referring to “my” hubby’s hair.

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