Foolish Friday: Sir Guy the Movie Star

Since this is Guy Day, I’ve been searching for the right Guy pic but there are so many lovely ones.  How is a woman to choose?  Then I thought of RA’s “I’m not a movie star,” comment (that’s okay, sweetie) and this pic drew my attention:

Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne hears the approaching rumble of fangirls. You’re a movie star, babe.  Courtesy of

There’s something about the lighting here.  The almost sepia tone reminds me of the Technicolor movies of old featuring movie stars such as Errol Flynn.  You can imagine how RA would have looked back in the day.  Personally, stars then tended to have more unique, striking features than today’s cookie cutter variety.  The face, followed by the voice naturally, was everything.

Here is the black and white version:

Guy, finding himself in an Errol Flynn swashbuckler, realizes he can go native.  Sorry Marian.

See any difference?  Oh dear, not a bit of snark can I squeeze out while gazing at Richard Armitage (and Sir Guy), on the brink of his own movie stardom.  I feel womanly vapors coming on and must have a lie down.  No, seriously.  The fumes muck up my sinuses something fierce.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.



8 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: Sir Guy the Movie Star

  1. Having a touch of the vapours here myself – what with this gorgeous pic and Servetus’ new banner arriving in my inbox simultaneously. Are you ladies trying to cause mass hysteria?

    “I’m not a movie star” (“Yes you are, hun” was my instant thought “but i love you even more for not knowing it”) In a world that increasingly seems to celebrate ego’s the size of A380 air buses, isn’t he just such a breathe of fresh air?

  2. *fans self* *fumbles in reticule for smelling salts*
    You do choose well, Judiang. Extremely well. My thanks. As bolly noted, between this and servetus’ new banner, there is the sound of thudding all over the world right now. 😉

    Methinks that Errol Flynn and Rex Harrison and Basil Rathbone and Sean Connery (yes, I said it, himself too) need to scooch down a bit on the *real* hunks bench to make room for Mr. A. He has *that* quality about him.

    “I’m not a movie star.” Oh sweetheart … you just keep on thinking that. WE know. 🙂

  3. Dear Mr “I’m no movie star’ is going to get one hell of a shocker come December 😉
    BTW that pic is a very interesting, and here’s why. It embodies everything a Guy admirer loves about him, at the same time it also underlines all the elements why a few don’t find him attractive at all. Does that make sense?
    Nevermind, I’m not a movie star, so I don’t have to be logical 😉

  4. Forgot to buy more smelling salts after the last time I needed them. I’ve come to enough to say I love the photos and Guy can be either a movie star or a rock star, it doesn’t matter to me I love him just the same.

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