Foolish Friday: Sharing RA with the World

Welcome back to Foolish Friday, class!  I know it’s been gone a long time, but it’s taken me this long to remember what I did on Fridays.  But thanks to Bare-ChestedGate,  my memory jogged and we can return to our regularly scheduled objectifying. Yes!

I just read that Richard Armitage has topped 70,000 followers on Weibo.  In my eminently prepared style, I have no idea what Weibo is but assume it’s popular with non-English speakers. This got me to feeling slightly wistful that our RA has truly been discovered by the world; he’s no longer the obscure actor known only by the UK and its allies (unless that 70,000 are the same people on Twitter).  We can no longer think of him as our little secret (well, except me).  Our boy has burst forth from his cocoon and stands ready to fly away.  That bit of overwrought prose had me looking through photos of the younger RA, when he was happy to get a small part.  Thankfully, the younger RA offered prime objectifying material.  Let’s have a look class.

This is Himself as Lee Preston in Cold Feet.  While it’s not that picture, this rarely posted shot has a lot to offer.  Notice the laid back youthfulness on the cusp of a man in his prime.  The smoothness of the chest and abs contrasting with the hairiness of the forearms and reminding us that he waxes.  The firmness of the jawline.  Although people joke about speedos, I developed a new appreciation with his.  Must have been the color.

Need to run and continue production work.  Your homework is to find other aspects in this picture that the world needs to know.  I know you can do it.

Richard Armitage as Lee in Cold Feet.

Richard Armitage as Lee in Cold Feet. Courtesy


6 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: Sharing RA with the World

  1. BareChestedGate!! Hahaha…
    I think I must be getting old but it took me by surprise how the latest screenshots from The Crucible lead to yet another emotional dicussion in the fandom. I am very much looking forward to seeing it in the cinema in my hometown next Tuesday.
    No time for an in-depth analysis of the above picture right now (Yours is quite complete anyway 😉 ) It does, however, remind me of how much time has passed since “Cold Feet”. He looks like RA’s younger brother on there.

    Enjoy your production work! xx

  2. Yeah, another example where we can clearly see RA’s predilection for (wrist)watches……
    Judi, some good ol’ things are always welcome….. like Foolish Friday (oh!!) and the cutie Lee Preston…..ever so deliciously kissable and….
    Ok, (in the eye of the Bare-ChestedGate!) I can’t restrain myself any more to confess that I once (or twice or so…) have felt the strong urge to participate in that “indecent” game (spin the bottle??) the group has played… know, that irresistable smile of that man, called Lee……..

  3. I notice the shoulders, though I would have preferred to ogle them from behind. 😀 During Bare-ChestedGate (you coined it Lol) what tickled me first was Proctor’s smooth shoulders and back *sigh*. Not that the chest is anything to put aside, of course.

  4. Giggles, Judiang! Love your coining the latest dust up as BCG! My idea of a forum is to discuss–and people choose to discuss or not as they wish. People will always have differing opinions–it makes life interesting.

    And for the picture above? I always get gobsmacked by the architecture of RA’s beautiful shoulders and clavicle. Sighhh! I only looked at his abs here because you mentioned them. Yup! He has some. Ha! And the arm hair? It never registered with me before now–again because you mentioned it. I guess I’m just an armpits and up kind of girl. Ha!

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