Foolish Friday: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Since you all liked last week’s objectifying Foolish Friday with Richard Armitage, I’ve decided to extend the fun (or outrage as your case may be).  This week: shoulders.  Not the obvious frontal but the width and breadth from the back.  Let’s find some examples for our study.


Here’s Guy looking quite capable with Marion.  I love the way the light and shadows play across his shoulders, emphasizing them.  The belt also accentuates his narrow waist.

shoulders series1-39

"Mmm Marion. What's that aroma? Toilet de Chicken?" Courtesy

Guy’s shoulders dominate this scene.  That’s all him. I do love a man with broad shoulders, scientifically speaking of course.  Don’t you?

shoulders series1-47

"Marion, what do mean I need to bathe first? I washed when I was made knight!" Courtesy


But wait, other chaRActers caught my eye.  Let’s take a look at John Porter’s shoulders.  Hmm, the shirt could stand being a bit tighter. We can’t accurately assess the underlying musculature.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.


John Porter helps Guy plot his wedding night with Marion. Courtesy

Let’s try another picture of John Porter.  Ahhh, much much better.  Much.


The Good Sister wonders when the Hail Marys will start working. Courtesy


Oops, don’t know how this got in here –   Erm, well you can see his shoulders if you imagine hard.  Sort of.



This photo of RA at the2010 BAFTAs also highlights the shoulders.  Again, note the trim waist.


RA wonders how much closer he needs to be to the reporter. Courtesy Kool Kat and


Anyway, Frenzy teased us with this pic of Lucas teasing us in a winter coat.  This picture proves that even completely covered, broad shoulders are very masculine and sexy.


Lucas gives the cold shoulder. Yeah baby, yeah. Courtesy


Well, Dear Reader, what did we learn from our study?  Well, we learned that the width and breadth of this man’s shoulders are quite impressive.  I’m sure we’ve learned other things too but I need to find a fan.

Enjoy your weekend.


18 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: Put Your Head on My Shoulder

    • There is something about broad shoulders on man. It’s like they can grab you in a bear hug and protect you from the buffering world. 😉

  1. Oh, I enjoyed your post and the gorgeous pictures. What a good start for the day! (His shoulders make me truly wishful…)

  2. The moment on our first date when I knew my DH was THE guy was a moment when he was turned away from me and I got a breathtaking view of his finely sculpted neck and shoulders. I knew in that moment that those shoulders could bear anything and could protect me from anything. I’ve been right for over eleven years. As for RA, I hope whoever he winds up with gets that same sense from him.

  3. Hi Judiang,

    The last pose of Richard’s back and back of his head–with a hint of his manly profile around the front–is amazing and alluring!

    Were the man in that picture my lover, I would place my right hand on his back right shoulder and with my other hand I would gently stroke the back of his head and then softly tease his left ear lobe between my left index and middle fingers–so that he would turn around and kiss me. At least, that’s what I do with my husband. Ha!

    Feel free to use the earlobe caress ladies, it works like a charm. Ha!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

  4. I love your captions for the photos, particularly JP and the sister. Sometimes (many times) I read these blogs strictly for the humor. It’s good that we don’t all that this stuff too seriously.

    • I think humor is crucial to keeping things in perspective. I good-naturedly poke fun at everything, including our RA. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. OOOOOOH… Guy, John Porter and RA…what more could a girl want? Lucas, too…..pretty, pretty, please? You couldn’t tell that GofG, JP and LN are my favourite characters portrayed by the wonderful Mr Armitage, could you? Although…Harry Jasper Kennedy is a bit of alright, too. And so are John Mulligan and Paul Andrews…yeah, I know they were a little sleazy sometimes, but were they HOT or what! Don’t forget Dr Alec Track and the sweet John Standring and…..let’s face it, girls, any of the characters a certain man portrays is simply breathtaking to perve on!

    Maybe, Gratiana, just maybe………if you gave me some of those lessons in flirtation, etc., I might be able to use them if I ever stumble upon my “one true love”?

    In the meantime, I’m going to view those long, long legs, slim waist, broad shoulders, etc. again…..I want candy! Sorry, where on earth did that come from? You ladies are a bad influence on me! Imagine what Matthew (my son who’s 5 months older than Richard) would say if he ever read this!!!!

    • Everybody knows GoG is my fave chaRActer. Such a delicious bad boy.

      I think Gratiana’s next blog series should be on flirtation. Seriously. I must have been asleep when that was taught the first time.

      We are a very bad influence, even more so in the chat room. Check us out! The link is on top right column of my home page. I suspect your son would probably look askance, laugh and then give you a good teasing.

  6. Matthew would, too! One day while we were having lunch near his office, he said…with a distinct twinkle in his eye, “Goodness, Mum. Do you realize we’ve been talking for 20 minutes and you haven’t mentioned Richard Armitage once?”

    He tells me he might even look at a couple of my RA DVDS once December and the end of study comes around! He, his wife and Asha are going to watch “The Impressionists” first. Asha (about 3 1/2 at the time) told me of her visit to the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) here in Canberra to see an exhibition of some of the Impressionist paintings and said she liked the Monets’ best! The child thinks she’s about 10!!!!! And she is sooo beautiful. So much for “beauty and no brains”, heh? I think she will like looking at RA, too (she’s 4 next Sunday), if she’s anything like her Aunty Melanie.

    Melanie, aged 4 1/2 at the time the movie “Superman” was first shown, came out of the cinema with a rather faraway look on her face and asked, “How tall did you say he (Christopher Reeve) is, Mummy?” When I said he was 6 ft 4 inches tall, she said, “Well, he’ll have to bend down a long way to kiss me”!!!!!!

    • AHA! See, he already KNOWS. LOL! Impressionists is good. Also show them North & South. Clearly, the females in your family have good taste. 😉

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