8 thoughts on “Foolish Friday – Photoshoot!

  1. Good morning, Judiang,
    Thanks for the lovely picture of Richard.  I hadn’t seen this one before.  He does look relaxed.  And he looks rather thin and much much younger than he is now.  So I wonder if this is back around his BTS timeframe rather than his Spooks 7 time period when Lucas was emerging from prison? 
    Have a great weekend! Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. Not often is RA to be seen quite so relaxed. Though there is always tension around the eyes. White and grey tones are good, too, in the shirt and trousers. Gratiana has a good point about timeline: rather thin; head bigger than shoulders. Altogether, a face to stir the imagination.

  3. The Russian site has the whole photoshot, it is from 2008. He was thin back then, but some of us thought the photographer may have used a special kind of lens that makes his head look bigger and the rest of him smaller. Apart from that, I really like the pics, precisely because rarely a photographer manages to make him relax. Usually he looks much more natural in interview caps or candids.


  4. I am kind of neutral about this picture.  I like RA’s expression and as you say he does look relaxed which is nice.  The  inclusion of his hands is a bonus!  But I am not partial to his emaciated look and I also think he looks pretty washed out.  The white shirt doesn’t really compliment his skin tone.  On the whole when I see this picture I want to take him home and feed him!  After a good meal he might be so grateful…. well you never can tell…?

  5. I love this picture! It’s one of my alltime favourites. Actually, I love that whole series shot in 2008. What a handsome, most beautiful, kinda nonchalant and irresistible looking RA. And I love his hands. Thanks a lot Judiang!

  6. Jane, those technical assessments are interesting. The camera does lie 🙂  It does depend on angles and lighting. There are some rather ghastly photos (mostly candids), which reduce the legs to dwarf proportions! Actually, the first thing I noticed in this photo was the bobble-head. 🙁  The wrists, in almost all photos, though, are so delicate. Odd, given naturally big shoulders. (Not shown in this photo)

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