10 thoughts on “Foolish Friday – Oh, Guy

  1. Hi Judiang,
    I can certainly understand why you were sidetracked by this portrait shot.  Richard Armitage as Sir Guy has piercing blue eyes, a noble nose, a strong jaw,  just the right amount of beard stubble, and a personal presence that betokens virile manliness.
    He is the panther striding into our hearts–sleekly muscular, lusciously leonine, and fiercely vital in ways that infinitely “be-guyle”  us.  ***swoon***  **thud**
    Cheers!   Grati  ;->

  2. “Oh Guy” indeed!!!  One of the things I loved when he played Guy was that underneath all the things you mentioned was one gorgeous alpha male!!    Not many men could carry that off!  He just exuded masculine beauty and the way he used his body, flung those long locks around in Series 3,  along with the myriad of amazing facial expressions, not to mention those mesmerizing blue eyes, had us all in a tizzy for Gizzy, so to speak!! 😉   I’m just re-watching all my RH DVD’s at present and am now at S3.  He is so magnificent!!!  Yes, ***swoon*** **thud** just about sums it up Gratiana!!  😀

  3. I agree with you ladies.

    The character of Sir Guy looks very masculine to me in season 3, despite long hair, eyeliner, etc.

    He’s a sexy, gorgeous and handsome man… A real male… Swoooon…

  4. LOL!  “….feminine aspect of Richard’s features”…I can’t wait Judiang! 🙂 PLEEEASE!

    tormented,devasteted,disheveled- Oh My Guy!<3

  5. Does he look better in mascara and eyeliner than me? Yikes, I don’t like a man who’s better-looking than me! 🙂

  6. I’ve been highly remiss in my blog visits, Judiang, so I apologise! I’m glad to see Sir Guy still infiltrates your blog – I’m yet to be convinced of his goodness, but I have to confess he is a good looker. 🙂

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