Foolish Friday – My Gal, Marian

Today, while looking at the screen cap below for medicinal purposes, I started musing about Marian and trying to understand the story line through her point of view. To my surprise, it wasn’t that hard to do.


Here Marian bravely sallies forth to discuss a detente with the ex-fiance/evil henchman, only to find him trying on armor and half naked by firelight. It’s bad enough that a maiden must swallow her pride and venture out alone clandestinely to a single man’s house at night, but to be faced with this too?  Has he no SHAME?

Here the black-hearted villain is hardly the chivalrous knight, nevermind that he was punched and literally left lying at the altar with a scar on his face to remind him for the rest of his life.  Principle is principle and chivalry is chivalry!

Here the rotten blackguard stands imperiously, muscles rippling, nipples perking, lips slightly pouting, clearly the image of brute force and intimidation.  No wonder poor Marian stammers.  With somebody like this standing over me, my mouth would go dry too.

Here Marian courageously presents the Fingers of Friendship, made even more sincere by being especially reachy.

Here the dirty rascal grasps Marian’s Fingers of Friendship a little too long, riveting Marian to the spot, and thereby constituting false imprisonment.  She’s forced against her will to inhale the aroma of leather, horse and 100% man.  Will this devil stop at nothing?

Luckily for our intrepid heroine, the proximity of Robin Hood’s goodness breaks the bond, thus releasing her from her unwitting entrapment.  The dirty, rotten scoundrel is foiled again, and lives to scheme another day.  (No, there is no screen cap of Robin Hood because HaHAHAHAhaha this isn’t about him.)

So, you’re right Fitzg, I really get a better feel for Marian now.  I ought to rewatch the series; clearly I’ve completely misjudged her.

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51 thoughts on “Foolish Friday – My Gal, Marian

  1. This hysterical – love it! Just read it three times. (I could have strangled Rotten Peeping Robin…)

  2. LOL this is great!  I always want to push RPR off that window ledge. Then you can strangle him, fitzg!

        • I thought advancing years would help curb that but is hasn’t worked – at least not since I “met” Guy’s creator and all the other characters he inhabits!! 😉
          I thought I would choke with laughter reading it, Juiang, and it didn’t get less hilarious the more times I read it!! 😀  I could certainly have cheerfully choked Robin when he was spying through that window.  SUCH a peeping Tom!!!

  3. Hi Miss Judiang,
    You’re baaaaaack!  I’ve missed you, darling.   And what a post!  I was riveted!  Sir Guy’s pecs are the best in England.  Dang that Forrest Boy for horning in on Marian’s horniness.  Ha!  She almost got to experience what we all hope is pure bliss with Leather Man.     Sighhhhhhh!
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->

  4. ol
    liI often look at pictures of Guy for medicinal purposes as well and can truly understand how you might feel sorry for Marian.  After all, if he hadnt had his shirt off when she came visiting him late at night, all alone AND in her best silk, well there wouldnt have been a problem.  What do you suppose might have happened had Robin not been peepin through the widow?  Would she, I mean he, have his wicked way with her?  The cad!  I know I would have probably had to let him as he is some much bigger (pant) and stronger (drool) than (sigh) me. ~wink, wink~/li
    liFrom one who has been gaga for Guy since 2006/li

    • Oh, A Fate Worse Than Death would have been too awful to contemplate.  But I imagine the villain would have been so diabolical that he would have worried for her reputation and let her go.  Such twisted connivery!  😉

  5. Mezz, you push him off, I’ll strangle, then we can draw and quarter him. OK, it was a brutal era…

  6. I still feel no love for Marion. That woman was this close to his chesticles and nothing, nothing at all. How is that even possible. I mean, look at him. How does forest boy even compare? lol

    This was a riot. It gets funnier the more I read it.

        • Would we even WANT to see it – that is the question?  🙂  Actually I think he did take his shirt off at one point although how he plucked up the courage when he must have known he would be compared to all that “rippling” and “perking”??  Oops, sorry!  That was meant to read, “Chesticles of Evil” in keeping with the intention of this post !! 😀

  7. I don’t understand, it could have been the pints I had earlier as why I don’t get it. I always thought the show was about the good Guy taking down the evil Hood. I may need to actually pay attention instead of open mouth drooling over Guy….

    • Jael, once you take these pills and the drooling stops, you will see the light!  (Although midway from S2 onward, the show was about Guy, pills or no pills.)

  8. Okay, now I’m LOLH (that’s aitch for hysterically)… the comments are a scream, and the post gets funnier with repeat readings!

  9. last..You are back!:) I mean…I love Motown..but your absence was too long,Judiang.:)

    This is histerical,brilliant, esp:”aroma of leather, horse ,and 100%man”:D though, I’m not sure about that last scent.;)

  10. So funny! Especially reachy made me LOL. Cant blame her for being so eager to get her hands on his friendship.

  11. Excellent post Judiang, bravo ! 🙂

    Its great and funny, especially the phrase aroma of leather, horse and 100% man”. Hmmm, swoooon…

  12. ROFL. That was so funny!  I’m sure it took lots of research to understand Marion’s point of view and you had to watch this scene over & over. Thanks for taking it for the team 🙂

    • Thanks Beachbaby for understanding my plight!  As soon as I realized the show’s true message, I felt it my duty to tell you all.  Now I need to lie down.  😉

      • There’s room on the floor next to me. I have collapsed with a thud after looking at that gorgeous torso again….and umm….again 😉

  13. You had a great idea to use Marion’s point of view. I love the phrase, “She’s forced against her will to inhale the aroma of leather, horse and 100% man.  Will this devil stop at nothing?”


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