Foolish Friday: I Got Ya Back, Baby

Hello class.  I’ve been pawing through my stash for worthy lecture material. A few pics elicited some evil chuckles, but I decided to show some class, being RA’s birthday week and all.  But then I spotted this pic on another blog and could not believe that, yet again, it was not given the full and thorough consideration it deserves.   Let’s get started.

Richard Armitage at Comic Con describing just how big it is.   Courtesy of

Forget the gestures and concentrate on what’s important – the backside.  Ignore the atrociously ill fitting shirt and observe the lovely sweep from the back of the neck to the waist.  This side angle does him justice by emphasizing the wide shoulders, curving to the shoulder blades and slowly tapering down to the trim waist in a vee-shaped pattern.   If we were to turn him, like a better looking Ken doll on a revolving platform, we would see the same symmetrical pattern from all sides.  Unfortunately, we cannot see the small of the back that curves in and out again to a well formed tush that fills those jeans quite nicely.  But that’s another post.  I could mention the spinous processes and wonderful lordosis of the spine it took to build this manly view, but won’t because I’m shallow.  My point is – put a discus in his hand and er… remove the clothes… mmm…. and he could be a Greek or Roman statue in a museum.

Do you see this excellent form on any of the other guys in this pic?  I don’t either.

Enjoy your weekend.


22 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: I Got Ya Back, Baby

  1. The moment I finished your post, I started making a mental list of the songs I could use to describe Richard’s backside. Oooof! Thank you for the motivation. hahaha


  2. LOL!!  You guys are hilarious!!!!!!! 😀 😀  He would certainly give Michelangelo’s David a run for his money. 😉

  3. Judi…what’s wrong with the shirt?  I love it – it’s fitted so it nicely skims down from broad shoulders to very trim waist.  What’s not to like?

    • I wondered that too!  Mind you I would have also liked it open to show off a (hopefully) tight-fitting tee-shirt underneath!  I’m SO bad tonight!!

  4. I always wondered about the much ballyhooed female preference for a “tight LITTLE”  male posterior came from?? (That was prevalent “Back in my day”.) Did those (male?) arbiters of “what woman like” conduct focus groups with women? Or what. Sorry, I prefer a solid outline. Men who look real. Warts and all. (Prince Harry, eat your heart out…)

    • Did you actually see a pic of Prince Harry’s derriere, fitzg?

      I love that photo, Judi – thank you.  I also love your analysis of Richard’s cute bum – he qualifies as a Greek god IMHO     😉

  5. I think many within our community have discovered I’m the dirty ol’ RA bum admirer! It may be very wrong to become fixated on an Richard’s botton, if so, I don’t ever want to be right!
    BTW, you’re onto something that’s been missing from the RA fandom. How come no one has made a sculpture of the man?

  6. Why, oh why, didn’t any of my professors offer such wonderful visual aids during class?  I think I would have learned so much more!  Thank you, Professor Judi!!! 🙂

    *smile of deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep appreciation*


    • Not really, but go ahead Mezz if you feel like being more detailed!! 🙂   Naturally I noticed that shot by Heather before but was TRYING to be more circumspect by not commenting!  But what the heck!  He does look good whichever way you look at him – front or back! 😉  Mmmm

    • When I first saw this I wondered if Heather was conscious of the “guh” aspect of the picture she was taking, or if she was simply snapping away and it just “happened”. Whatever the circumstances, she has my eternal gratitude!!!  😉  (All her pics are fabulous!)

      • I wondered about that too! 🙂  Heather was certainly taking notice of what was going on!  We’ll always be thankful  she knew  to keep her attention focused on Richard, no matter what he was doing and this is a PERFECT example!  “Guh” was certainly my reaction – among others!! 😉

    • Mezz, you naughty girl, your link almost gave me a heart attack! I haven’t seen that photo before! Just..Wow! What a view! 🙂

      • Judit, there are 44 fabulous photos taken by Heather over at RANet, in TH section under their own title. Because she was focused on Richard, as Teuchter said, she has produced shots of him when he was otherwise off camera during the interview.  Lots of grins, crinkles and utter gorgeousness.  Oh yes, and wow!  😉

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  8. Kathryngaul – the prince’s two photos were all over Canadian TV. Aren’t his security supposed to check iPhones and iStuff?

    Agzym, there is that marvellous back shot of Paul in BTS. It is pure sculpture. I’m certain it is the exact pose of one of Praxiteles’ sculptures – but I never ran it to earth on the net. The closest was The Dying Gaul, but it wasn’t quite it… (that was back when judiang was doing one of her “controversial” perving posts 😀 ) Mind you, given the ##s times RA characters have expired on screen….


    • I feel like had the prince’s uncle lived his youth in the days of cell phones, these pics would have seemed tame. Koo Stark? 🙂

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