15 thoughts on “Foolish Friday – Hey, Baby

  1. I agree with Kathryn, he’s looking very yummy in this pic. His eyes seem to pleading for something. I sure hope he came prepared for whatever it may be. 🙂

    • ROFLOL!!!

      Hi Jael, Where do you live?  I’m in Australia so I’m 17 hours ahead of Judi’s time. It’s 6.07 pm Friday for me

      • kathyrngaul, I’m in the United States. You should join us in the chat room sometime. We were just finishing up in there when I saw the post. We have a few people from Australia who get on, the link is on the right side of the page.

  2. Oh for heaven’s sake – Gisborne, just go away!!! Drop it, will you, with the Byronic looks and hyper drama. Go away, and stop haunting! Judiang, that is one great picture. Just DDG in spades. 😀

  3. Dear God,

    Could you make him just a little older, please?  I’m sure it’s a really bad sin to lust after a man 5 months younger than my son!!!!

    Thank you,


    Now, ladies…I really love those few extra RH photos that appeared recently.  Could someone manipulate the one above or even a longer-hairer series 3 Guy (with clean hair!!!) so that he’s

    1.  clean-shaven

    2. bearded such as in the Project photoshoot

    please, please, pretty please?  and then post it here maybe????

    While Richard is always stunning in stubble, I actually prefer him clean-shaven or with the beard.

  4. Kathryngaul – he is a bare 5 years older than my son. Do I care? Nope. In RL, though, it would be a very different thing. Son just rols eyes at any faint mention of an armitage. And searches the net and presents Mom with the Gently series featuring Ricky Dee.Son has a sense of humour….

    And that is one DDG picture!!

    • Hi fitzg,  Matthew told me that he hasn’t yet seen any older man who might slightly resemble Richard so he thinks I might be out of luck there!. He is, however, looking forward to seeing “the Hobbit” as much as I am (well, almost anyway!) and we will probably go together to see the films.  Matthew’s wife isn’t keen on going to the movies but she occasionally accompanies him if the film is important to him – so I might have to make a date with the 2  other RA fans from Canberra whom I meet in Nov/Dec last year.  I haven’t quite convinced Matthew to watch any of my Richard DVDs as yet but he will probably sit down with his daughter and I when I show Asha “The Impressionists”.  She’s only 4 but thinks she’s 10!  She loved seeing the Impressionist paintings at the National Gallery of Australia (NLA) last year.  When I asked her which of the paintings she liked best, she said “Claude Monet’s, of course”!!  The kid’s got taste.

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