Foolish Friday – Hair!

Well look, it’s Friday again!  Time for another Foolish Friday.  Today, darling, gimme head with HAIR.  Yes, class we will study the many hairstyles of a certain Mr. Richard Armitage.  Let’s start.

Here’s a young RA during his dancing days I presume.  This is a nice example of the long carefree style of youth.

hair richard03

Young RA hopes the photo is snapped before he loses the curl.


Next we have a much shorter older cut helped along with a lot of mousse, to go with the vague goatee.

hair StarWarsAutographPic

RA plots how not to drop his popcorn again when his big Star Wars scene comes up.


Finally, a picture in color!  Here RA with the au naturel medium brown hair.  We see the beginning of the characteristic locks brushing forehead style seen in later photos.

hair coldfeet_073

Lee is proud he purchased the best cubic zirconium ring little money can buy.


Here we see the style for which he’s known, dyed dark brown, cut medium short with a high left part.

hair NandSPromo4

John Thornton learns the cost of chicken feet has risen 3 pence a pound.


And of course we must study the long, almost black tresses, courtesy of extensions. Notice that they are reminiscent of the long locks of his dancer days, except much, much much better.  Mmmhmm.  I’m sorry, where were we?

hair RH3_051

Guy schemes to sell overpriced share in Guy's Salon and Spa.


Now we have him minus the extension but retaining the floppy locks, strategically placed just so.  Kudos to his hairdresser.  Seriously.  He’s kept either a long or shorter version of this style.

hair TonyBAFTApic2

RA gives thanks to Guy's Salon and Spa too.


Okay class.  Lest I be accused of bias, I’m including a photo of the current au naturel colored buzz cut, which is brushed quite well here, I must admit.

hair ra2-recognise

RA realizes the little female mouse trying to gatecrash his photo op is a fan.

That’s enough for today class.  Have a happy TGIF.





23 thoughts on “Foolish Friday – Hair!

  1. This is absolutely priceless!!  🙂  You’ve got to admit that charming young man in the first picture has blossomed into THE most gorgeous man!!   But those eyes of his – even in his youngest picture are already mesmerizing!  Oh darn it!!  Now I feel like a cradle snatcher………….  🙁    I loved Guy’s long hair but have to admit that I like the last two “do’s” the best!!  Richard as Richard   –   simply stunning  –   and for some reason I find the pictures of him with the ultra-short hair that we’ve seen in the latest photo-shoots do something to me!!  😀  (Not admitting what of course!!)


    • Teuchter you have said exactly everything I was thinking…He is the most gorgeous man isn’t he and I tell him this everyday…his eyes are so intoxicating it’s hard to notice his beautiful hair styles… Richard as Richard as you put it will always be the top of my very extensive list!!!

  2. It’s those cowlicks. Cowlicks require either cropping short or growing long, to prevent them standing up straight. Speaking from experience as a brown haired, straight-haired woman with the cowlicks as in the pics above, (is this a genetic pecularity of browned-haired people?) – forget trying to wear bangs. The best you can manage is something like those side-locks.

    That earliest photo seems to show a sort of guarded optimism. There’s a wariness in the eyes and brows, and the closed-mouth smile. The thing that has always “redeemed” thin lips are the indentations at the the corners – dimples in a woman. They add a warmth.

    • Shall we make an appointment at ye olde salon and spa…I haven’t got the cowlick but I have a sticky up bit at the back due to a double crown…it’s meant to be lucky???  If my lucks in we may just bump into Sir Gizzy but knowing me it will probably be baldy Sherrif Vasey!!!



  3. Hi judiang! That last photo is just beautiful, ohh…my poor fluttering heart!:) In Guy of Gizbourne case however , other parts of my body are heavily involved 😀

  4. The captions you put on photos always give me a good chuckle, so thanks for that! He looks pretty great in all of those pictures (there is something very sweet about his expression in that first picture). I have to agree with Teuchter, and say that the last two photos are my favorites as well. Although, can’t you just imagine running your hands through Guy’s luscious locks?!

    • Glad you enjoyed the captions.  I wrack my brains every week trying to come up with something.  😉

      I knew people would love the last two pics and I added them just to be fair. But the main attraction for me is Sir Guy.  Sigh.

  5. Melissa the Mouse says:  “The view is gorgeous from down here.  And I just love it when the photographer asks RA to smile when they say cheese.”

      • Dear Miss Judiang,
        Thank you most sincerely.  If you’re offering, I prefer nibbling on foccacia or bruschetta with my fromage.  Mr. A said that he does, too , after he gave me a bite of his brie. 
        When a tall handsome–for a human–man gives you cheese without strings or mousetraps attached, what is not to like?  Besides, he said my fur was a lovely shade of gRAy.
        Yours faithfully (since you don’t have a cat), Melissa the Mouse

        • Dear Miss Mouse,

          Thanks so much for writing.  I never   rarely get comments from four-legged fans. My pomeranian, Patty, is so excited.  You have quite cultured tastes, are you Parisian?  I’m sure you were thrilled to find Mr. A. so nice and accommodating.  Please squeak report again if you get more news of him.  We humans are having a news drought right now.

          Yours humanly,



  6. Great post Judiang… and I love the pic. 🙂

    In my opinion, Richard is better now. Long hair suits him… but only for the role of Gisborne, lol.

    • I prefer his hair a tad longer and darker. Dark brunette really makes his features pop. He looks so striking. The brown hair gives him the average Joe effect.

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