Foolish Friday: Chesticles!

It’s Friday again and you know what that means.  Yes, class is in session with more blatant objectification for your viewing pleasure.  I initially opted for something sublime like feet, but tiredness has me grabbing for the obvious- the chest.  Time to begin!

Let’s start slowly.  How about a little teaser with a towel thrown fetchingly over the pectorals of Percy Courtenay in Marie Lloyd.

chest ML-16

Percy breaks the news to Marie that she can marry him or he will have to charge for his services. Courtesy


Here is poor Lucas, emaciated from eight years in a prison camp.  However he managed to remain quite buff, don’t you think?  Observe the definition in the pecs enhanced by the sloping ribcage to the waist.

chest spooks701_040

Lucas learns the tattoos are actually a coded treasure map. Courtesy


Here is a close-up.  Notice the concavity of the sternum.


A close up of the west and east axis of the treasure map. Courtesty


Enough warm up.  Let’s move straight to what you really come here for:

Here is Guy trying on his magic armor just in case Marion walks in.  Again observe the indention of the sternum, the swell of the pectoral muscles and the sloping abdomen.


Guy is glad Marion finally arrived; that armor was chafing his excellent skin. Courtesy


Here, notice — oh hell, everything.


Guy hopes that last pizza and beer doesn't show. Courtesy

*Cough* Getting back on topic, here is a final close-up of a pair of excellent pecs.


Guy grabs Marion's creeping hand. Courtesy


I think that is enough for today.  Have a good weekend.


12 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: Chesticles!

  1. What a nice way to start my Friday! 🙂 . Also loved your post on how to pack for travelling as I’m completely hopeless with that 😉

    • Heheheh, I thought it was nice too. And you can consult your lesson again and again. 😉

      Glad you liked the packing post. It took a long time learning to pack right. Now I’m fixated on packing the lightest bag possible. I can do it in the summer, not so well in the winter because of bulkier clothes.

  2. I was re-watching some RH episodes today and this was one of them!! I found myself re-winding more than once! Sigh!! Still Thursday here so I’ll pretend I haven’t seen them before and check them out again tomorrow!! Thanks Judiang!! 😀

  3. Hi Judiang,
    As I’ve said before, I’m an arms/shoulders, chest, and abdominals appreciating trifecta girl. Ha! And the “triple threat” never looked so good as it does on Richard Armitage–as Sir Guy of Gisborne, John Porter, Lee Richards, Lucas North, or Percy Courtenay, etc. Mr. Armitage is quite simply a sculpted marbled adonis come to life. And I appreciate his masculine beauty.
    However, the fact that Richard Armitage is an amazing actor and brilliant storyteller–and that he seems like a truly nice fellow and gentleman–is what keeps me mesmerized by him. If he were merely a handsome man, I wouldn’t be as “hooked” as I am in admiring his person. Sighhhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • I agree with you. I’ve seen buff guys, but RA’s physique hits everything on my check list: shoulders, biceps, pecs, abs, waist, long legs. He is well proportioned and formed. Also agree that it takes more than the beauty to make a fan. Squee!! 😀

  4. I hadn’t initially registered the actor as a BIG man; tall, yes. He seemed so lean in N&S, RH, and even Lucas. The shoulders (just slightly round) were there, but the very lean abdomen and very long legs somehow predominated. It was the N.Z. press conference that imPRESSed the sheer size on me. Like a lady in an 1860 crinaline, he must always find himself trying not to crowd anyone. Through the doorway sideways…

    Love the screencaps. Intellectually, of course; no perving/objectification. 😀 (you believe me, don’t you?)

    • Guess he doesn’t seem that BIG to me. Remember at the press conference, except for a few, he was next to men who were small in stature. I suspect if we stood next to him, he would seem tall, but not wide.

      What? This is a perving class! I’ll have to flunk you, you understand. Didn’t you read the syllabus? 😉

      • I really enjoyed SB, but understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I still feel that RA has never looked hotter than he did when he played JP. Maybe Guy? But JP vs Guy is a whole other blog post

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