Foolish Friday: A Last Look At Summer

I’ve been mulling that the bag of goodies has been running out when I started wondering if the pool was still open.  Which made think of this pic, for… er… reasons.  Nostalgia.  Right.  I’ll mosey along and search for more screen caps.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lee, played by Richard Armitage, begins his demonstration. Mmhmm. Courtesy of


5 thoughts on “Foolish Friday: A Last Look At Summer

  1. Nostalgia!! That’s one excuse girl!! Isn’t he a joy to behold in this picture? What a spectacular body he has – and those magnificent thighs!! If I was sitting where Jacey is I’m sure I would be blushing to the roots of my hair. Even when he turns around he looks terrific! 🙂 I think it just got warm in here.;)

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