Fitzg’s Journeys: Seeking A Saint

Fitzg is at it again.  This time she’s seeking a saint – for Richard Armitage?

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4 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys: Seeking A Saint

  1. that’s not a bad motto for Armitage — I hope he has time to enjoy and doesn’t feel the need for all that much continence 🙂

    I’ve run into this before. Obviously Armitage’s parents are not Catholic. The St Richards are available are mostly unsatisfactory and several of them were martyrs. Probably why there aren’t many St Richard parishes.

    • Not too much castitatem/continentum, anyway! 😀 Don’t know about John and Margaret A, but of course, the Hales were CofE till Mr. H turned Dissenter. And one assumes that the Thorntons were probably Wesleyan or Baptist –  Chapel? I don’t recall that being spelled out in the book.

  2. Thank you for the reminder – of course Mrs. Gaskell was Unitarian. So, Thorntons not of the “Established Church”. Didn’t think so….must get head out of medieval times, and a bit more updated. 😀 (Or more double-checking the source before writing.) Any reason to go back to the book! 😀

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