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  1. Hi Fitzg,

    I really love the “painterly” photos from The Impressionist. I read somewhere that the film started out to be more documentary like–hence the emphasis on the paintings and their derivations. Then they decided to “humanize” it by adding in the bits about the lives of the painters. Of course, learning about the artists and what influenced them is the most important and interesting part. Ha! As a side note. The custom drapes my mom had made for my little girl bedroom growing up were lovely ballerinas. It wasn’t until I was taking a junior high art class that I realized they were Degas ballerinas. Ha!

    And, of course, Richard is filming in the Wellington, New Zealand area these days for The Hobbit. Though we have no “in situ” pictures of him there–except for being inside the soundstage for the welcome ceremony. But someone had a lovely lake and mountain shot that looked quite breathtaking. And Richard Armitage was quoted somewhere as saying that New Zealand should definitely be on peoples’ “bucket list” because of the beauty of the area and the warmth of the people in the community. Ha!

    Thanks again for another lovely essay. And thanks to Judi for hosting you.

    Cheers! Grati ;->

  2. Gratiana & Prue,
    Some technical problems with registering responses to comments this morning. I think they are sorted now.

    @Gratia, The Impressionists did seem much more a doc, than character study, didn’t it? But it was beautiful and Mr. A lit up the screen!

    @Prue, There were photo of N.Z. on the Net that I wanted, but too many copyright ambiguities. I might be over-cautious, but I want no repurcussions on the blog-owner. Nevertheless, now I regret not running with what was in public domain, and adding Thorin/N.Z. to the bloglet. (I think many of us have a desire to visit the islands now – what’s a little 20+hour flight? One day…) 😀

  3. Richard Armitage tours would be a great idea. Seeing the places he’s filmed and taking in their history would be amazing. Of course, where ever he happens to be at any given moment sounds like a nice place to be…

  4. Thank you for this lovely trip to all the filming places. It is a real RA-sightseeing or is RA our tour guide for our fan-tour together? Wonderful collection and post, Fitzg and Judiang!

    • @CDoart – thank you for your comment. And we’ll ALL meet in New Zealand! (even if it’s virtual) 🙂

      • Oh, yes please, Fitzg! I’ll join your tour and meeting in New Zealand! I love to travel, even when it’s only with the finger on the map. With you as a guide and coordinator, the tour will be wonderful ;o)

  5. Judith Madore is the nom de plume of fitzg. Real name is fitzg. Still trying to FIX a comment response problem. Ignore nom de plume while I return to the drawing board…

    Now Jael, as RA appears to be committed to the Antipodes for a while, let us get our travel agents working on the Armitage Tours New Zealand for us. 😀

  6. OK, my cover is blown. Evidently, not a Spooks candidate. Not in a Russian prison, either. I will FIX this identity problem – oh, who cares?

  7. Love traveling with our rambling man! Thanks Fitzg and Judiang! Sign me up for the Armitage Tour.
    I think RA should also make one of those traveling shows, like Michael Palin’s – Around the World with Richard Armitage – I’m sure he can give us his own insights on all the places he’s been, and all the new film sites to come. We could follow him around as his doc film crew on our own RA Cruise Ship.

  8. @Musa/Fabio, I HOPE Mr. A is keeping a travel journal! Like judiang, he is an observer. And a considered writer.

    fitzg (I think WP has got my real identity back…forget you ever heard of Judith, please. Oh, it doesn’t matter)

  9. P.S. Musa, Have you named our cruise ship? Can we appropriately christen the vessel?
    fitzg (just in case)

  10. Australia & NZ have been on my ‘bucket-list’ for years. Now if I’d just win that lottery! Not to mention a way to make the loooooong flight more tolerable.

  11. @CC, it must be on everyone’s list now! Lottery: private jet hire; First Class travel. (we can dream – in technicolour 🙂 )

  12. Ooo, first class in our own cruise ship or private jet, holidaying in Australia and NZ, taping a documentary on certain rising stars in The Hobbit… Where do I sign up? 😀

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