Fitzg’s Journeys: RA Women Part 3 – Jo

Fitzg continues her series on the RA Women.  This week it’s all about Jo.

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9 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys: RA Women Part 3 – Jo

  1. I agree Fitzg! He does have this protective instinct for Jo and for some reason i feel like its natural to RA, he would have been protective and we would have seen it on screen even if it was not in script. Reminds me of the tenderness with which he does this one scene with Orla Brady in Srike Back, the care and tenderness just gets you.

  2. I love a man who is strong yet sensitive to the needs of those around him. To me, that’s a real man.

  3. PV and Jael, those glimpses of Lucas’ protective attitude to Jo were so nice! Jo was written as a rather continual victim. But Miranda Raison really did her best to downplay the crybaby aspect. She did put some backbone into it. The circumstances of her rape differed from the reaction that Ros had to the violation by that smarmy financial raider in S7, E5. Ros was knowingly complicent and sickening as it was for her, it wasn’t the same as for Jo.

    Katie Dartmouth’s frightful situation definitely brought out the protective Porter – they played it very well. (Katie is my favourite of the Porter women.)

  4. Good insight, Fitzg!
    Jo actually seemed “less” of a basket case around Lucas, than around Adam.  Time heals all wounds as they say.  I wonder, might one see Adam as an “enabler” of Jo’s demons and Lucas as more of as someone who “empowers” others to overcome their demons–as he overcame his own (never mind S9)?   Just a thought.
    Cheers!   Grati  ;->
    P.S.  And RA’s roles as a protector also extends to Sir Guy.  Didn’t Sir Guy feel Vasey’s wrath for letting the “nightwatchman” slip away rather than hang Marian?  Time and again he protected her.   Sighhh!

  5. Question is, would we have accepted Jo as a potential love interest? We knew her much better than any of Lucas love interests, I for one liked her (though others may disagree) and the “hurt/comfort” situation would make a good starting point. Really, a spy only has a chance to develop some kind of a human relationship with a fellow spy, because only with them he wouldn’t have to pretend to be someone else, which is poison for any relationship, plus Lucas understands what Jo has been through because he has been in a similar situation.

    For me, discussing Lucas women always comes back to the question why fans rejected his intended love interests and subsequently that overshadowed series 8 and 9. Would we have “bought” Jo, accepted if she had made him act less than strong and rational? Or is what we want to see an woman that brings out the best in him, like Marian did with Guy and Margaret with Thornton? After all,  a strong man showing weakness is appealing, but only as long as it doesn’t make him act less than admirably.

  6. @Gratiana, Adam as enabler raises an interesting question. I’m not sure: Adam was with Jo at the time, and there during the early part of the trauma. In S7, he does say that he is tired of her obsessive running, which is intended to push that much further to recovery, do you think?

  7. @Jane, I hadn’t seen Jo as a love interest, but rather from the perspective of what does Lucas’ attitude toward her say about Lucas. I liked Jo. It is not easy playing a victim, and thought Ms. Raison did it well. To me, she played a woman who showed considerable strengths in the situations she was faced with.

    The point about being prepared to accept love interests only when they don’t make a man look hopelessly weak is a good one. As for Maya in S9, for me, it was more a case of a not very good actress (at least in this part), rather than Lucas’ reactions, that failed. And there were all those inconsistencies, or at least not well-developed character transitions that did not help the credibility of the script.

  8. Just want to say that I too noticed the protective vibe of Lucas toward Jo in that episode and I agree that it would’ve been great if the scriptwriters had explored that more.  The comparison of Lucas’s and Jo’s past experiences had not occurred to me before, but that’s an interesting and apt observation.

  9. @bccmee, It is just interesting to look at the various aspects of the characters played by Armitage. And of the interplay those characters have with others in the productions. There was an interview during which he said that he enjoyed the effect that one actor has on another – that they can make each other better through this co-operation. (That was the gist of it.) He is a marvellous ensemble actor, even though he can carry scenes. Which he did in S9. Which is why I feel no desire to explore S9. It did not engage me, and there is no empathy for it…even though he was good.

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