Fitzg’s Journeys – Hallowe’en

It’s time for another Fitzg’s Journeys.  This time it’s all about Hallowe’en.  OoOOoOo…

If you have trouble with iFrame, the bigger viewer is here on Google Docs.



10 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – Hallowe’en

  1. Nice pictorial!  I especially like the screencaps of John Thornton walking through the cemetery and Guy of Gisborne breaking down the door.  Very appropriate for today.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

  2. I love ghost stories…gonna creep myself out here.  Guy breaking through the door is one of his best moments, I think, so thanks for that!

  3. Revised:

    Hi Judiang & Fitzg!

    A great Halloween essay!

    And to paraphrase Ray Bradbury, “Something Wickedly Sexy This Way Comes–our fantasy, Sir Guy of Gisborne.”

    The lesson of Bradbury’s tale is, be careful what you wish for.  *cue cackling witch, creepy organ music, and swooping bats*  For me? I’ll keep right on wishing.  Ha!

    Cheers!  Grati

  4. And, Gratia, on the subject of be careful what you wish for – The Monkey’s Paw! P.S. great video movie trailer. Thanks for that. btw, did everyone see that old Watcher in the Woods? I showed it at a kids’ Hallowe’en party long ago, and one small boy freaked out. (Whoops, Mom goofed…took some patching up with the other moms.)

    • Oh my gosh Fitzg!!!  I remember seeing that movie when I was quite young and even though I can’t remember a thing about it, the very name creeps me out, so I think it must really have scared me at the time!  Makes me shiver just thinking about it!!

  5. Teuchter, did you mean The Monkey’s Paw? The Watcher in the Woods was a Disney film – ca. 198O’s. I recall having read The Monkey’s Paw a long time ago, and I think, a TV enactment. Both very creepy, but not in the way that those Hallowe’en-type movies are. I find them just disgusting, not scary!

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