Fitzg’s Journeys – Coffee, Tea or Me: Part 1 Coffee or ME?

It’s Monday but don’t worry, Fitzg is back with the next installment of Fitzg’s Journeys.  This week: Coffee, Tea or Me, Part 1, Coffee or ME?

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17 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – Coffee, Tea or Me: Part 1 Coffee or ME?

  1. Mmmmmmmmm, coffee.

    Coffee, coffee,  coffee, coffee, coffee.

    The first coffee of the day; it never gets better than that (of course there will be a chance to make mention of the last cup of tea, in a cup with saucer, at the end of the day in a future post I hope).

    Strong. Aromatic. Stimulating. Oooooh look, there’s John Thornton in his TOP HAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      • Me, too…..even if I rarely drink it these days!

        But I would love to see the re-emergence of the good old coffee shops we had in Australia in the late 1960’s….a place to stop by for a coffee, of course, but also a place open until very late at night for cinema/theatre/party-goers to sit and catch up with friends  And a place where customers were comfortable in the knowledge that they could sit for quite some time whilst they drank their coffee or whatever. They were places that even oldies like me weren’t discouraged from patronizing and provided a much more congenial atmosphere than clubs offer these days.


        The sight of Mr Armitage is as good as a shot of Java to wake me up…. aftertaste!

  2. Hi Fitzg,
    Thanks for the “java jolt” of RA for Monday morning.  I needed it.  And there is no “escaping” that the last image is delightful.  I have a tall hubby–6ft 4inches tall.  But Richard Armitage’s thighs on that roof seem to extend forever.  Sighhhhh!
    Cheers!  Grati  ;->
    P.S.  I blame my gushing about RA on being perimenopausal.  That excuse should work for years, right?  Ha!

    • Gratiana, in his sphere, RA stands alone! And I am in the same proportion to him as you are to your husband – 5′ to his 6’2″.  🙂  Shrimps of the world – all is not lost!

  3. Ahhhh! Coffee!  How less productive at work would I be without it?  If I haven’t had a morning coffee I am yawning so bad by 2:00 pm that my eyes are watering!  But looking at pictures of RA is somewhat unproductive too!  I try to limit my exposure at work.  But sometimes, when things are just not going well, I just NEED to gaze into those blue-grey pools of passion!  I NEED to see the leather stretch over his graceful dancer’s physique with the hard rock muscles of champion!  I NEED to see his his perfectly aristocratic nose, stubbly jawline, firm, yet tender lips….

    Coffee…?  Yes! For sure.. I think I just nodded off there!

  4. Phylly, I think I could never never tire of that face. Or of the long legs…or the eyes. (And every time I go into Chapters/Indigo to browse, I emerge with a book, because of the aroma of their Starbucks corner. 😀 ) The aroma drugs me…


  5. Sorry, ladies, but the so-called coffee houses of today aren’t what I mean by a coffee house!  I guess it’s just that I hate being “hurried-up” when I’m eating/drinking out. I know that they need to have a good turn-over of customers to make their money…but

    Nope… still wish we had the 1960s’ coffee houses…..much more relaxing, especially at night time.

    I find it very difficult to pass a bookshop and not go in!  But I daren’t as most books are so expensive.  Thank the Lord for public libraries I say!

    Some of the bookshops in Australia have a coffee corner in them but not all.

    Recently I found a bookshop that I particularly hate… is filled with great children’s books….all at $5 each!  Can you imagine how much this fond grandmother wants to practically live in it? My darling grandbabies may be little but all 4 love their books….for which I am most grateful.  Matthew told me the other day that I have enough books and puzzles in the back of my cupboard for the 4 of them for about 3 years to come!

    Ah….I really appreciate how you ladies supply me with such gorgeous photos to drool over!

  6. Feeling a little left out here…I went off coffee (and dog food) whilst pregnant…what I mean is I couldn’t feed the dog, oh you know what I mean…Spooks7 ep5 is one of my favs… Richard at his most handsome, sexy sensual best, no wait my heads in a spin now…John Thornton’s cup and saucer scene oh yes that was the most sensual,  and that was just his hands…Oh god I’m off to the ‘gin house’ I’ll take the dog!

    • You dark horse you…we tea drinkers are much more sophisticated with our cup and saucer …anyone care for a cucumber sandwich???

  7. No, thanks……… I’ll just stick to my favourite tipple….sparkling natural mineral water!  As I don’t drink any coffee (or tea or soft drink or cordial) on a daily basis, I need at least 2 litres of water every day. I buy the generic brand of sparkling mineral water at the supermarket as it’s the cheapest.  But, can someone tell me, please………..where on earth do I buy such a thing in America?  I even found it difficult to buy soda water at a supermarket!  Flat spring water (or whatever you want to call the bottled stuff) or plain tap water just don’t do it for me….after 3 glasses of them, I’m bored and want my bubbles!

  8. Jules, we are out of step with most of the Western world. Thanks, I’ll have another cucumber sandwich. And another cuppa. If that doesn’t work, see you at the gin house!  🙂

    • You have got me thinking now fitzg…mentioning the Western world…I started to wonder what our gorgeous elves and hobbits would be drinking in middle earth???  I don’t think it will be tea or coffee…it must be something a little bit stronger to give them such hairy feet…I know gin is made from berries and wasn’t vodka originally made from potatoes… I think I need more research as I’m probably talking a load of !!!!

  9. Jules, go research! And report back. And don’t forget to taste as you go.  🙂  Dwarves? Um – mead? Was that beer?

    • Ummmm  this research may take some time I may need to visit Hobbiton and sample some of their favourite tipples…as for mead…I shall stop off at Nottingham on the way and share a goblet or two with our hot tottie from Nottie!!!  xxxxx

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