20 thoughts on “Fitzg’s Journeys – Coffee, Tea or Me? Part 2, Tea or Me?

  1. If I lived next door to the Hales, I would ask them how they found such giant teacups.

    If I lived next door to John Porter, I would forever be knocking on his door asking to borrow the shirt off his back.


    Richard Armitage as John Porter

    • Ooh, Bccmee! 
      Thanks for the zoom in to RA’s ever so slight, but just the right amount of chest hair. Now I think I need a “cold” iced tea to  cool off.
      Cheers!  Grati  ;->

    • How thoughtful that the Hales tried to fit in when they moved ‘up north’ to Milton by bringing giant cups and saucers…we normally only drink out of builders mugs so it was very much appreciated even though it was hard not to pour the tea into the saucer and slurp!!!

  2. Hmmm, the smell of tea alone makes me happy. (Unfortunately with most teas I must leave it with the smell alone.) But accompanied with a picture of a certain man, embedded in my head, what is there more to wish for for utter and complete happyness ;o)

    Thank you, Fitzg, for combining my favourite things, tea, RA and history ;o)

  3. @bccmee  😀

    Take the shirt off his back, more likely! “Sir, allow me to offer some assistance”.

  4. @CDoart, TEA, history and RA are my favourite things. I leave you to put those in the proper order… But the smell of coffee makes me very happy. (Do they sneak laudanum into it, do you suppose? Surely not!)

  5. Great post. I *love* tea, BUT I regularly have to teach the whole sequence of economic maneuvers that led to Opium Wars, which were heavily conditioned by the British addiction to tea. I love history but it so rarely makes me happy. So I’m ambivalent, as usual 🙂

  6. Right let me get this straight…I knock on the door for a cup of sugar a certain gentleman in a towel answers…would you like to join me in a cup of Darjeeling he asks.  Oh that would be rather lovely I reply.  Would you like me to get my spode out he asks…oh that would be rather lovely I reply……sorry can’t go on I’ve boiled over!!!

  7. @servetus, that whole saga of the rise and triumph of the British Empire is littered with blood and corpses, isn’t it? I hesitated in making any sort of frivolous reference to the opium wars; but I have a black sense of humour (generally kept under the corsets and petticoats) and decided to do it. Just re-reading Antonia Fraser on Louis XIV, which only peripheriferally refers to the Thirty Years War, etc. Just enough to foretell 18th C France….

  8. @Jules  😀

    The gentleman decides not to boil the kettle, but to pour cold water over you…only, by the time he’s back with a bucket (clutching his towel) he finds – just a pool of melted water on the doorstep….

    • I see where you’re going with this…he then whips off  the towel to mop up the puddle on the doorstep just as the lady with the macaroons arrives…he offers her a cuppa instead…damn!!!

  9. And he retires happily, to make tea and stuff himself with the macaroons, Jules! I mean, what do you or I have to offer compared with macaroons?? You see, all evidence to the contrary (all through Spooks) RA is a tea-drinker…

    (Lucky macaroon-lady)

    • Grati…you’ve just posted my fav screen cap…Lucious Lucas Licky Licky donut scene…The whole thing lasted just a few seconds but it will stay with me forever thanks to my october gif from Bccmee…you may need to use the white towel to wipe away the sugar from his lips…geeeze that towel it deserves an Oscar

      • don’t you just love alliteration…I wish I had thought of this when doing my daughter’s  homework for her….Lucious Lucas Langoriously Licks his Lips..not sure what the teacher would have said though!!!

  10. I love the Mary Cassatt painting, think Hyacinth Bucket is a scream and am intrigued by Russian samovars.  I have been ruminating about a tea-themed post for some time, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Tea and RA are a lovely topic for sure!

    @bccmee- Yes, those Hale teacups ARE gigantic! They hardly seem genteel! I wonder if they only bring them out for ‘tradesmen”!  Thank you for the also gigantic shirt removal picture. *Sigh!*


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  12. @Phylly3, isn’t Mrs. Bookay fun!

    Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot accomplished so much within that Impressionists group.

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